Wester the Barbershop {July 2022} Know About Hairstyler!

This news below provides details related to Edgar, also known as Wester the Barbershop among the Hollywood and pop stars.

Have you heard about the new hair stylist who has got enough success with his unique designs? Have you visited his official page? If not yet, then you are on the right page! Users from the United States are more interested to know more about the hair stylist that has got success with his talent. 

He created his website and posted pictures of the clients’ hairstyles.  Read below to know more about Wester the Barbershop and get to meet him by booking an appointment in his salon! Then, scroll down and enjoy the specifications. 

Who is Wester Barber?

The Wester Barber is known by his real name Edgar Wester band. He is about 31 years old and has been living in Puerto for many years. He started his career in the garage of his house in Toa, Atlanta. He later flew to Toa Baja in Puerto to achieve his dream job. 

By the time he got the opportunity and increased his followers. He traveled to Los Angeles and California to make his shop and artist studio. Read more about Wester the Barbershop below.


  • Name – Edgar Westerband
  • Stage aka Professional Name – Wester Barber
  • Date of Birth – 1995-04-24.
  • Birth Place – Puerto
  • Place of Residence – Toa Atlanta
  • Social Media Networks – Instagram account (https://www.instagram.com/edgarwesterband/?hl=en), YouTube account, and Pinterest account (https://www.pinterest.com/pin/848858229747180297/)
  • Degree – Interdisciplinary Studie and have gone to Los
  • Celebrities working with – he has worked for different stars and had connections of projects of varying song videos like J Balvin, Nick Jones, Nickey Jam, Justin, RoxY, and Bad Bunny
  • Store Name – Wester barber shop 
  • Family – his family details are not much mentioned on the internet and easily follow a normal and common occupation.

How to Reach Wester the Barbershop

The pics posted of his cutting used for shooting on instagram made him rock the show every time. So we recommend our visitors check out his instagram and other social media links and get a cut by him. Users can easily connect or book their appointment through the website mentioned below. 

  • Step 1: Visit the portal https://www.westerbarber.com/.
  • Step 2 – Check the connect section in the dropdown
  • Step 3 – fill in your details and pass through the cut you want 
  • Step 4 – voila, you are done! 

Why is Wester the Barbershop Trending?

The news is trending as there are many details and unique cutting styles of the Wester that have attracted Hollywood celebrities. Celebrities like J Balvin, Nick Jones, Nickey Jam, and Bad Bunny were some of his regular clients. 


Based on internet research, we can easily see that the Wester Barbershop was a hit-and-go spot for many celebrities and Hollywood stars. In addition, it has turned out to be an honor for the upcoming video songs with hair artists like Wester in there.

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