Jason Momoa Accident {July 2022} Did He Get Injured?

Through this article, our readers will learn about Jason Momoa Accident and all the details regarding his wife and kids.

Does Jason Momoa meet with an accident? According to the reports, on Sunday morning, the Aquaman actor was met with an accident. This news became sensational WorldwideThere are no injuries to Jason Momoa, but a biker who was involved in a clash got minor injuries.

Read this article to get all the details and information regarding Jason Momoa Accident and the biker who got injured in the collision.

What is the incident all about?

It is stated in the reports that on Sunday that is July 24th, 2022, the Aquaman star had a collision with a biker when he was riding his Old Topanga Canyon. The Game of Throne star’s car crashed with a bike when the bike rider crossed over the actor’s side and clashed with the left side of the car. However, no injuries were reported to the actor, but the biker got minor injuries. The 42-year-old actor also stayed on the spot to help the biker and asked for medication. The biker is named Vitaliy Avigmyan.

How Tall Is Jason Momoa Wife?

Jason Momoa and Lisa Benot are not only the couple that shares a long age gap. Lisa Bennett is 54 years old, and Jason is 42 years old. The actress is reportedly 12 years older than his wife. The height difference between Jason and Benot is also significant, as the actor is 14 inches taller than his wife.

Lisa Benot is 5 feet tall, and the Aquaman actor on the other side is 6 feet 4 inches taller. Now we believe that people must have known the age and height difference between celebrities.

Jason Momoa Wife and Kids

Jason and Lisa, however, have ended their 20 years old relationship. The Aquaman star is reportedly dating Mexican actress Eiza Gonzalez. It is stated that Lisa and Jason got together in the year 2005, and after that, they secretly married in the year 2017.

Lisa and Jason have two kids together, and Jason is also a stepdad to Lisa’s daughter Zoe Kravitz. Lisa and Jason got divorced earlier this year. Lisa is a recognized actress and is known for the late 1980s and 1990s era. So this was all the details regarding Jason Momoa Wife and Kids.


Wrapping up this post, we have told our readers all the details about Jason Momoa’s collision with the biker, the information about Jason’s wife and their kids, and the ending of both celebrities’ relationships. We have also told our readers about the new relationship with Jason Momoa. You can go through various social media platforms to get more details regarding Jason Momoa car crash, and you can also visit multiple YouTube channels for collision news. Please follow this link to know more about Jason Momoa Accident.

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