Minch Wordle {July 2022} Check Wordle Answer Info!

If you are also trying to win today’s Wordle puzzle and make the same mistake repeatedly, please follow the article on Minch Wordle, and stay connected with us.

Do you love to play Wordle? Are you stuck with today’s Wordle answer? If yes, then you should read the full article very carefully. So many players from New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom, and India guessed the answer wrong. But also, many of them guessed the answer correctly. Today’s answer is easy but a little bit tricky. That’s why many players are unable to guess the correct word. If you want to win today’s Wordle puzzle, please continue reading the Minch Wordle article. 

What is today’s Wordle answer?

As we mentioned, today’s Wordle puzzle answer is easy but a little tricky to guess. Wordle 402 answer for 26th July 2022 is ‘Cinch’. Yes, it is the actual correct answer. But many players mistake the word ‘Cinch’ as ‘Minch’. If you notice both the words, you will see that both the words are very similar. That’s why many players guess the wrong answer. 

Now you know the correct answer. So, we hope you will not repeat the same mistake many players made by choosing the word Minch Game. In both the words, only one letter, ‘C’ and ‘M’, is different. The rest of the part, ‘inch’, is the same. 

Both the words ‘Cinch’ and ‘Minch’ have only one vowel, ‘I’. Both the words end with ‘H’. These are the common facts about both words. And that’s the actual reason why so many players guess the wrong answer. But we don’t think that the pro players of Wordle made the same mistake. Those who become pro players of Wordle have already known about all the tricks of this game. 

What is the meaning of the word Cinch and Minch Game

Both the words are mainly used as nouns. Though both the words are very similar, their meanings are entirely different. The word ‘Cinch’ means a very easy task. But the word ‘Minch’ means a sea passage between Scotland and the Outer Hebrides islands. 

Examples of ‘Cinch’ and ‘Minch’ in a sentence:

First, let’s see the examples of using ‘Cinch’ in a sentence.

  1. This dish is a cinch to cook.
  2. Today’s exam is a cinch.
  3. The horse is a cinch to win the race. 

Now let’s see the examples of using Minch Wordle in a sentence.

  1. The Minch divided the Outer Hebrides from the Inner Hebrides.
  2. The little Minch is responsible for the division. 

So, these are some examples of using ‘Cinch’ and ‘Minch’ in a sentence. As you can see, the meanings of both the words are completely different, but both the words are very similar. Now it becomes easier for you to understand both words. 


Before you start playing Wordle puzzles, always try to remember the basic rules and tricks of the game. Those who are still unaware of this game, please click on the link to learn about Wordle. And that’s it for today’s Minch Wordle article. 

Did you also make the same mistake while playing today’s Wordle puzzle? Please comment below.

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