Will Tony Rock Smith {July} Find His Recent Incident!

This post on Will Tony Rock Smith will guide all the readers on the ongoing controversies between Tony and Will. So kindly read to know more about it.

Do you still remember Oscar Night? Will’s slap at Rock was the showstopper, and everybody was disappointed with Will’s behaviour. People Worldwide want to know if Smith apologized to Rock. This post on Will Tony Rock Smith will guide you on the latest update on this issue. Chris Rock’s brother stood in favour of Chris.

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What did Tony say about Will’s behaviour?

Recently, in a stand-up comedy show, HipHop Crown Nation posted one of the videos of Tony where he was slamming Will with his jokes. He also said that Smith would face all the 10 Rock brothers after this incident. Chris has many siblings, and Tony Rock is one of them. He is part of the comedy industry. Kindly keep scrolling to know more.

Tony Rock on Will Smith

Tony Rock is a sibling of Chris Rock. On Oscar Night, an incident happened where Chris made a funny statement about Will’s wife. As per online sources, in response to it, Will stood and slapped Chris, which was disheartening. Now, Tony Rock stood in favour of his brother and slammed Will Smith with his comedy. His video was posted where he challenged Will that he was going to face all the Rock brothers. Whatever he had done was not good on his part, and many fans opposed Smith’s reaction. Also, he used much English slang while talking about him.

The reaction of Will Tony Rock Smith

Will has issued an apology for his behaviour. First, he apologized for what he had done on Oscar Night. Then, in a video posted by Tony on his YouTube, Will offered an apology where he apologized to Chris’s mother and Tony Rock. Finally, he said that Tony and he shared a good bond, which seems to be irreparable after this incident. After this, it looks like Smith had a sense of regression on what he had done. 

Smith also said that he was unable to take any decision at that moment, and after three months, he faced many complexities. As per Will Tony Rock Smith, he said his wife, Jada, had not asked him to react in such a way and insult Chris. However, Will had lost control and responded in such a way in front of an audience.

Note: All details are based on online sources, we are personally not blaming anyone.


Summing up this post, we have discussed the problems going on between Tony and Will Smith. Also, we have shared details on Will’s apology. This post comprises components on both sides. Now, Will regrets his behaviour and has offered an apology. We hope the bond between the two personalities will be good very soon and their friendship will return to the same track.

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