Techsikho Com {Mar 2022} Read Legitimacy Factors Here!

This is an article written to provide necessary information regarding Techsikho Com. Please go through it to grab most of it.    

Are you looking for a website that can help you learn new and different education? Do you want an expert teacher who can teach you within your house premises? If you are tired of looking here and there for a suitable teacher to learn, this article will help you in magical ways. 

The primary purpose of writing this article is very straight, and it wants to educate its readers about a website that is a treasure in disguise. 

This is an Indian developed website that is getting Worldwide fame nowadays. 

Yes, you guessed it right, this piece of article is talking about Techsikho com. So let us begin the article to see some important aspects of this website. 

About the Website 

It is an Indian website with different study materials. This Website is in demand by many professionals. 

  • It has a collection of study material. The primary focus of this website is CBSE study material. 
  • Recently, this website has become a competitor among teaching websites. 
  • Students can quickly access this website through the simple website of the internet. 
  • It contains stuff like study material, genuine questions, Solutions of NCERT, several previous questions, and Notes for revision. 

Specifications about Techsikho com

  • Date of creation- 26th January 2022
  • The website Address-
  • The score of spam- 47 out of 100
  • Registrar of Techsikho – GoDaddy
  • Origin Country- India
  • Host website Name- Hostinger-International 
  • Category- Educational Purpose

Is Techsikho a scam or Legit? 

Before putting your information on any website, one should check if its a scam or legit. Here are some details one can refer to check the legitimacy- 

  • The Ranking of Alexa- 1B+ 
  • This website was generated only a month old. 
  • The domain on this website is in 2022. 
  • Techsikho com trust score of the website is 80% 
  • Alexa Ranking is in billions. 


  • Students can get all the needed study material. 
  • This website is helpful for teachers as well. 
  • Students can get an excellent guide to prepare for the examination. 


The only drawback we found is that this can be a barrier to students’ mental health as they will be dependent entirely on these study materials.

Reviews about website 

The benefit of the doubt is given to Techsikho com in the case of reviews about it as this is a very new website. 

However, the reviewers are giving this website a chance to grow. So let us wait for some time because one should focus on accuracy when reviewing the reliability of any website. 

Final Verdict 

After our case study, we can say that it is a recently launched website. It is a website that helps students and teachers with different ways of studying material. 

Also, we suggest our readers keep patience till Techsikho com grabs some reviews to analyze the legitimacy.

Let us know in the comments if you ever got scammed by such websites.

Moreover, click here to know about the study material meaning in detail. 

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