Accident St Hyacinthe {July 2022} Know Incident Facts!

The article has investigated and gathered information about the Accident St Hyacinthe. It also describes the recent facts on the incident.

Do you know about the accident in Hyacinthe? The accident occurred at nearly 9.30 am (local time). The accident took the life of one pedestrian. On 22 July 2022 (Thursday) morning, the incident occurred when a dump truck hit and killed a person.

Many people in the United StatesAustralia and the United Kingdom read the news from social media and news portals. Many people have already reacted to the accident. Here we are going to discuss the matter of Accident St Hyacinthe

What Do You Know About the Accident? 

As per the report, the accident occurred near Avenue De La Concorde Nord. The witnesses said in a statement that the dump truck was trying to take a turn near the avenue. It was the work zone in the morning. Suddenly, the truck lost its control and hit the pedestrian. 

After the accident, police came to the accident zone. The team found the pedestrian was fatally injured. The investigation office Sergeant Audrey Anne Bilodeau later described all the issues in the media. The team also started the investigation. 

Accident St Hyacinthe– The aftermath

After the accident, the police team took the victim to the nearest hospital. The condition of the victim was critical. But doctors and the medical team tried to rescue the person. But due to immense blood loss, the person lost their life after an hour. 

Later, police said the age of the victim was nearly sixty years. But police still have not disclosed the victim’s other information in the public forum. Meanwhile, police checked the accident zone and all the CCTV footage of the area. The investigation also interrogates some witnesses. 

Accident St Hyacinthe– Present Situation

The news is also circulated in Canada. The police also said that the lady was crossing the road when the truck was trying to turn the vehicle. Due to the loss of control, the dump truck hit her badly. Meanwhile, police are also trying to discuss the matter with the victim’s family members. 

One witness said later that the truck was trying to save the lady after the accident. But it was too late. Ultimately the police rescued the lady under the truck and took her to the hospital after the Accident St HyacinthePolice are still investigating the incident. 

Why Does the News Get Hype?

In recent times many accidents have taken place in this country. A report says many people died in such accidents. But unfortunately, the administration could not take proper steps to stop the accident. 

On the other hand, thousands of people have published and commented on social media about this incident. Even many news portals also posted the news of the accident.


People are sending their condolences to the victim and extending their support to the victim’s family. But they are not happy with the local administration. The recent Accident St Hyacinthe also raises the question of people’s road safety. 

All the data has useful internet sources. But for your own interest, you can also read the news article. Do you think it is the failure of local administration? Please comment.

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