Loklok Apk Download {July} Explore The App Legitimacy!

Read exclusive facts unavailable elsewhere about Loklok Apk Download. Also, learn about its features and online presence.

Are you a fan of television series in the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia? Would you like to watch television show without paying any subscription fee? Do you spend more time knowing interesting news about popular television dramas and films? Do you want to install a mobile app that supports such features? How about watching it online?

Loklok.com is available online and for Android OS. So, let’s scrutinize Loklok Apk Download.

The Legitimacy of Loklok.com and Application:

Loklok.com and Loklok Android application is NOT a Scam but safe and potentially genuine. However, the Loklok.com website does not give any information about its mission, policies, terms, customer service contact information, details about copyright content, and information about its owner. Hence, it scored 18% on the suspicion profile.

However, it is not a Scam as it is a legal application on Google Play Store, with more than 500K installs. Furthermore, the application is listed under the entertainment category available for installation for grown-ups. 

Details of Loklok.com Update:

Loklok.com website was updated on 16th December 2021. The Loklok Android app was recently updated on 11th July 2022 on Google Play.

Furthermost, Loklok.com was launched on 3rd December 1999. It is twenty-two years, seven months and fifteen days old. The website is registered until 3rd December 2024. Therefore, it has a long life expectancy and expires within one year, four months and fifteen days. Loklok.com achieved a good Trust Score of 86%.

Loklok.com achieved an above-average Business Ranking of 62.4% and a great Alexa ranking of 38,037. Further, due to its long existence, Loklok Apk Download is not gauged on phishing, malware, threat, and spam profiles. The website is hosted on a single server based in China.

Loklok.com uses a secured HTTPS protocol to transmit data. Its IP has a valid SSL certificate for the next 156 days. The identity and contact information of Loklok.com is censored using the services of aliyun.com. 

About Loklok.com and Application:

The Loklok.com Application is a platform where television series, films, and entertainment news are hosted. The users of the Loklok application can customize their library depending on the genre they prefer. You can directly install Loklok om Update 2022 from Google Play Store. 

In addition, the Loklok application gives great UI and experience by allowing users to explore topics and videos related to entertainment and by providing subtitles in various languages. 

Information about the iOS app for Loklok is unavailable. However, many third-party websites offer an unauthentic version of the Loklok iOS app. On Loklok.com, latest.apk (97.1 MB) is available for installation on the Android platform only.


Loklok.com and the application are possibly authentic. However, due to its server being located in a high-risk country, the absence of privacy policy, terms, customer service contact, and owner’s details, it is advisable to be less trustworthy. The Loklok Apk Download gets updated on Google Play Store  regularly. The updates are instantaneously accessible for installation. Loklok.com and the app stream the content in High-Definition.

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