Post Malone Injury Details: How He Suffered Stage Fall? Did He Got Any Ribs Injury? Know More On His Tour, Wife Details!

This post on Post Malone Injury will reveal all the necessary information related to the injury faced by Post Malone in his show.

Do you know Post Malone? Have you heard about his injury? Post Malone is suffering from an injury from his latest show. Fans from the United States, Canada, Australia, and United Kingdom are shocked by this news. If you are interested in knowing full details about this incident, please read this post on Post Malone Injury.

What happened to Post Malone?

Post Malone had a show at St. Louis on Saturday when he fell in an exposed pit and damaged his ribs. He had to receive medical treatment and medications after his show. After that, on Sunday, Post Malone posted a video on Twitter telling the fans that everything was alright and he had received the necessary treatments. In the video, he thanked the fans for coming to his show and apologized for the songs he missed because of the injury. Post Malone’s manager confirmed that his ribs were luckily not broken but bruised.

More information on Post Malone Stage Fall

Post Malone fell on the stage in a pit, which was used to lower his guitar on stage during his show.  After that, he lay on the floor while medics arrived and took him off-stage for his treatment. Then a few moments later, he returned to the stage and performed two songs, ‘Rockstar’ and ‘Cooped Up.’ He was suffering terribly from his pain but still performed like a professional. During the concert, he was witnessed holding his ribs and flinching due to his pain.

What did Post Malone’s manager say about the injury?

Post Malone’s manager posted on social media related to Post Malone Ribs. He said that he was thankful that his ribs were just bruised and not broken. He also thanked fans for their best wishes. He also informed the fans that the singer told him the show must go on even when he was barely well. He also told the fans that he would be in excellent condition after a few days of rest. 

Post Malone’s personal life

 Post Malone’s real name is Austin Richard Post. He is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. He won many awards and was even nominated for Grammy awards nine times. Besides his career, fans were really curious to know about Post Malone Wife. He later announced that he would soon be a dad and be engaged to his fiancé. His girlfriend has never made a public appearance. However, fans did their best to find out about his girlfriend and finally found that he was dating a Korean rapper Jamie. 


At the end of this post, we can say that Malone Tour was really amazing but the singer is still under medication and will be well very soon. We hope his injury does not affect him and he becomes active again. Please click on this link to know more about Post Malone wound  

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