Alabama Of Littering {June} Explore What Is The Case!

This article describes the penalty implemented on a man for littering his fiancée’s grave. Read more details associated with the Alabama of Littering.  

Are you interested to know the legal penalty received for decorating the grave of a loved one? Do you want to understand the whole story and legal procedures? Then, read to know more about a controversial legal decision. 

People from the United States are shocked by the verdict against the man involved in the trending Alabama of Littering case. The issue related to the fiancé and fiancée’s father has created heated debates and discussions on various online portals and social media platforms.

About Alabama Littering Case

Criminal charges go imposed on an Alabama man based on littering charges. The incident occurred after Winston Hagans repeatedly placed flower boxes on his fiancée’s grave. The situation got worst after his fiancée’s father filed a complaint.

Hagans was engaged to Hannah Ford, but Hannah’s father, Tom Ford, didn’t accept their relationship. Following Tom’s complaint about sending flower boxes, Hagans received a penalty of $300 for criminal littering activities. Read more on the Alabama Man Convicted of Littering.

What comes under Criminal Littering in Alabama?

  • As per the 2006 Alabama Code, the following activities come under criminal littering:
  • Deposit of litter on private or public property knowingly without any permission.
  • Deposit of glass, edged objects or other pointed objects on or near publicly accessible areas for fishing, swimming and bathing.
  • Discharge oil products, litter or sewage into an inland lake, stream or river from a watercraft vessel measuring a length above 25 feet. 
  • Improper disposal of litter. Litter involves rubbish materials, waste material, dead fowl or animals, cans, glass, refuse, trash or debris.

Alabama of Littering  

  • Hagans got convicted of a littering crime on 9th July 2022.
  • The warrant against Hagans got submitted at Auburn city court by Tom Ford.
  • The evidence collected by the investigation officers proved that Hagans placed small planter boxes on Hannah’s grave repeatedly.
  • Ford also testified at the court that ten boxes got placed on her daughter’s grave by Hagans.
  • In addition, Ford reported the receival of broken boxes and rotten wood pieces along with the flower pots. 

Hagan’s View on The Littering Case

  • Hagans said to Washington Post that the police could not take legal action against him unless the plot owner filed an Alabama of Littering case against him.
  • After the legal action from the court, Hagans, with his attorney, is planning to file a written appeal within two weeks.
  • Hagans also pointed out Tom’s disapproval of his relationship with Hannah. 
  • Hagans also added that their relationship fractured the bond between Hannah and Tom.

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Tom Ford got irritated by the continuous receival of a flower pot from Hagans on his daughter’s grave. Tom finally testified against Hagans with criminal littering, and Hagans got penalized with $300. To know more about this topic, please visit at this link. 

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