Amusing Wordle {July} What Is The Latest Answer? Read!

This post given below talks about the Keyword Amusing Wordle and elaborates further about the game.

Are you a Wordle fan? How did you find the Wordle puzzle released on Sunday, 17 July 2022? Well, the web-based online scrabble, or word puzzle has gained immense popularity globally, including in Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States

While some days it is easier other times it does turn complex. However, something was amusing about the answer for 17 July. To know more about Amusing Wordle, do read the entire article till the end while we disclose how is amusing related to the answer to the puzzle.

Why is the word Amusing in the news?

Each day a new wordle puzzle is released worldwide for all the players. The online game released on 17 July 2022 was Wordle 393. However, guessing the answer was tricky and quite amusing too. Wondering how it was amusing?

Well, the answer to the puzzle meant something funny or amusing, weirdly or oddly. The word included only one vowel, and all other letters were quite different. As spoilers, the word of the day was Wacky which has an Amusing Definition of something exciting and funny in a peculiar manner. In the coming passages, we have explained the wordle word game and steps to play it.

More details about the game

  • Wordle was developed by Josh Wardle and has earned popularity across the globe
  • It includes guessing a five-letter word correctly within six attempts
  • However, players will be provided hints on how to guess the correct answer.
  • These include the tile turning green for all correct guess
  • Furthermore, the tile will turn yellow when the answer is almost correct incorrectly
  • Lastly, grey tile means the wrong guess

Amusing Wordle – What was the word of the day?

The wordle puzzle released on 17 July 2022 did leave many players guessing the correct answer. Besides, many could not think of the right solution within six attempts. So here we bring you a few guesses about the word and how you can crack them.

  • It was a five-letter word containing only one vowel
  • It begins with W and ends with Y
  • Furthermore, the word’s definition means something funny in a very odd manner

Well, the answer for the Wordle for Sunday, 17 July, was WACKY. Now coming to Is Amusing a Word? Then, yes, it is a word and an adjective which means exciting or fun.

Final Conclusion

The online puzzle developed by a Brooklyn-based engineer, Josh Wardle, earned much popularity worldwide. Every day, a new word is released for players to guess, ranging from easy to complex. 

Having a good knack for guessing and knowledge about a myriad of words is an important criterion. We hope this article provides sufficient information about Amusing Wordle. Do you want to know more about the game? Do read.

Were you able to guess the correct answer? Share your experience in the section below.

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