Texas Wordle {April} Explore New Version Of Puzzle Game!

To know details about wordle game and Texas Wordle, follow this article till the end and get your answers.

Wordle has taken over the Internet for a few months. All of us are hooked up on this game. There have been several versions of this game. Different aspects added makes this game even more enjoyable. In the countries like the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, etc., this game has increasing popularity. 

This article will find out in detail about Texas Wordle and what is this new version. Stay tuned to know more. 

Why Texas version? 

A Wordle is played by millions of people worldwide, and it has become a hobby for many. Recently, there have been people complaining about the words in the game. Some claim that the words are British language generic or consits of several slang which not everyone knows. Ergo, the Texas version is demanded along with others. 

Different versions are made for user interest, such as Worldle, Canuckle, Hurdle, Quordle, etc. Hence, the new version of Texas Game is also enjoyable. 

About Texordle

The original game of Wordle and all other versions available specify specific slang of their own. The words are esoteric, having slang of specific origins, making it difficult for everyone to guess them. The clone version of the Wordle is named Texordle, and it has Texcentric words. There are so many 5 letter words, and Spanish words could also fall into that category. It contains minimal vowels, making it simple for the game. A few examples include White, Mosey, Bueno, lasso, etc. Texas Wordle gives many five-letter words that are readily known to everyone. 

Wordle steps to follow

Wordle game is simple to play, and you must follow a few steps for more accessible gameplay;

  • Once you open the game, you will see five blocks. 
  • Identify the words; the blocks will change to red, green or grey. 
  • Once you start guessing, Red indicates that the guessed letter is incorrect, grey indicates the right guess, but the wrong position and green indicates a correct answer. 
  • Avoid the grey letters to find the right word. 

Follow these steps to win daily challenges. 

Texas Wordle pros

We have come to the point that the words in the game have become complex and consist of different slang. Those words are not easy to guess and hence increase the game difficulty. And Texas slang has mostly five-letter words, which makes it simpler. There is a lot of five-letter words/slang used in Texas. E.g., beers, thang, tacos, etc. These are simple and are understood by all.


Concluding, the original Wordle has a lot of complaints about the slang of the answers. This wordle is much demanded with different versions of this game because of the five letters words availability. Texas Wordle also includes Spanish words used in their language. Do you want to know about the Texas version? Follow the link. 

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