Is Shopwithmisa Com Scam {Aug} Read The Entire Review!

The article provides you with truthful information on Is Shopwithmisa com Scam. Go through the article before spending your valuable money.

Are you the one who is crazy about toys, accessories and backpacks? Do you know that you can find these all-in-one sites? Yes! here is the site for you.

Shopwithmisa. Com is an online portal that works in Ireland, and United States. The site provides you with accessories like stylish belts, long sleeve clothes and cute soft toys. You can try it on as every size outfit is made available. Anyhow a customer must verify the portal before purchase. Nevertheless, try to find out Is Shopwithmisa com Scam.

Let us note down a few important points to clarify in the below section.

Is Shopwithmisa a trusted site? 

  • Portal Age: The age of this portal is 2 years (Developed date: 4th April 2020) 
  • Alexa Ranking: The Alexa rank of the website is 1104244. 
  • Portal Trust Score: The portal has earned a good trust score of 45%.
  • Social Media Connection: The site has social media links with Instagram and Facebook
  • Copied Content: Only 23% of the content available on the site is original, and the rest is copied. 

Let us throw light more on Shopwithmisa com Reviews.

  • Customer Reviews: The customers have given positive feedback on the products on the official website. 
  • Contact Address Legitimacy: The contact address is found real, and no other fake address exists.
  • Owner Information: There is no accurate information available.
  • The Return and exchange policies: If the product has to be exchanged or returned, only the product has to be damaged or wrong. Returns within 30 days of delivery.

Let us try to find out more details on the website. We can summarize a few more points for further clarification of the Is Shopwithmisa com Scam?  

About Shopwithmisa. com

Shopwithmisa. com is an e-commerce portal used by Canadian Retailers. The brand was inspired by ” Inquisitor Master Squad”, a pack of mates bringing live stream video games. The company attracts customers with gift cards worth 100$ and no time limit. The site offers various products, including wallets, stuffed soft toys, sweatshirts, onesies, books, backpacks, pencils, birthday products and many more.


  • Website Type: The online portal sells toys, stationery supplies, clothes, accessories and various products available. 
  • The website Address:
  • E-mail

We have researched many ways to clarify the query Is Shopwithmisa com Scam? Read the below points for truthful information.

  • Phone Number: There is no phone number available.
  • Contact Address:  Juniper (Imprint Creations), 123 Edward Street, Unit 205, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5G-1E2.
  • Sort and filter option: Available.
  • Products Price: Valid only in USD.
  • Shipping and Delivery Policies: shipping fees may vary with the products based on destination, weight, size and contents. Addition charge applicable if the products delivered outside U.S.  delivery vary with destination, but the product reaches within 10 days mentioned at check out.
  • Payment Options: payment option is PayPal, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, etc.

Let us learn about the pros and cons below.

Pros to streamline Is Shopwithmisa com Scam?

  • Several products like toys, books, and clothes are available.
  • Customers can purchase a gift card with no time limit.
  • The HTTP protocol is available for the site.
  • There is a return and exchange of products if damaged.
  • The site has a proper social media connection.
  • Lots of positive feedback was seen on site.

 Move to Cons:

  • The owner of the company is not revealed,
  • There is no valid contact number available.
  • The company address appears suspicious.
  • Most of the content is copied.
  • On Facebook, various negative feedbacks are seen.

Shopwithmisa com Reviews.

The portal earned mixed reviews. Various products are available but the visitors on the site is low, which is suspicious. The portal confidence index is much low, at 1%. The availability of its negative reviews on the reliable sites and social media makes the site unreliable. So, we can find the site suspect. You can learn, Get Your Money Back From PayPal if Scammed from the link.


We suggest you go through the genuine information mentioned. As the site has more drawbacks, we guide you not to trust the site blindly for purchase. Be aware before spending your valuable money investing in online sites. Click here for the best plush toys. Also, we suggest looking into Everything You Should Know About Credit Card Scam in the link.

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