A Guide to Choose the Best LED Parking Lot Lights

LED Parking Lot Lights – Lighting in the dark is a strictly mandatory requirement when organizing street and underground parking. Light sources must full and evenly illuminate the entire parking area. Parking lighting standards are contained in specialized documentation: a set of rules “Natural and artificial lighting”, as well as in the GOST section “Outdoor utilitarian lighting. Classification and norms “.

Lighting standards 

The need for lighting is due to safety requirements: there is a high risk of accidents in parking lots, since there are no uniform traffic rules, cars and people can simultaneously and chaotically move in different directions. In addition, as practice shows, the presence of lighting dramatically reduces the level of street crime and vandalism.

The horizontal illumination of the parking lot depends on the activity of car traffic. At low traffic intensity – at least 7 lux, at high traffic – from 15 lux. At the same time, light should fall on each parking space from all directions so that there are no deep shadows between cars. Entry and exit zones require special attention – these areas are the most dangerous for people. Here, the illumination should be maximum.

The specifics of street lighting

When considering parking lot lights, it must have certain qualities. First of all, it is energy efficiency, that is, the ability to provide an optimal level of luminous flux while consuming a minimum of electricity. Street lamps that operate in difficult (and even extreme) climatic conditions require a high degree of moisture resistance (from 65IP and higher), resistance to temperature extremes, sudden gusts of wind, snowfalls and other weather tests. 

Luminaires also need anti-vandal protection from accidental or targeted damage. Parking equipment requires a functional design that prevents the accumulation of dirt and dust. In general, lighting devices should be simple, reliable and easy to use. At the same time, a small parking lot near residential buildings and a huge parking near a shopping center.

Lighting for large parking lots

Large open parking lots, as a rule, are illuminated either by a sufficient number of cantilever lamps on poles, placed at regular intervals throughout the entire area, or by high masts (16 – З0 m) installed along the perimeter with powerful floodlights. On each mast, using a stationary or mobile crown, four to six floodlights with sodium or metal halide lamps with a power of up to 1000 W are placed. 

Sodium luminaires emit a yellowish luminous flux, in which the road markings are clearly visible. Metal halide lamps make it possible to distinguish moving objects with all their details and colors. Quite popular (although not ideal, primarily because of the cost) is the option with the installation of LED floodlights, which give a bright and powerful luminous flux.

Small car parks

Parking spaces inside residential areas are usually compact. It makes sense to use folding supports here if the passage of special equipment for servicing the equipment is difficult or impossible. Since the poles are most often placed around the perimeter of the parking lot, it is recommended to place on them luminaires with a wide light distribution and the ability to adjust the angle of inclination. The design of lighting structures is also of great importance, so that they are in harmony with the overall improvement of the living area.

Underground and indoor parking

Their requirements apply to the lighting of underground and covered parking lots. In the traffic area, the illumination should be at least 60 lux, and in general areas – from З0 lux. Recessed and surface mounted luminaires with fluorescent or LED lamps are mounted on the ceiling and walls. As a rule, they are equipped with dust and moisture proof and anti-vandal protection. Thanks to a sufficient amount of Lepro lighting, drivers can clearly distinguish markings, correctly assess the distance to other cars or obstacles. In addition, luminaires should not obstruct CCTV cameras and create a dazzling effect.

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