Grace Class Action Echeck Is It Legit {Aug} Find Reality

Read detailed facts to know if Grace Class Action Echeck Is It Legit? Also, learn why iPhone users anticipate it to be a scam.

Did you know that Grace and Potter filed a class action case in 2017 following issues with faceTime on apple phones 4, 4S and 6? Did you know that Grace and Potter were supposed to receive $7,500 each for leading the class action case in the United States

Are you a part of the class action? How much had you expected to receive as compensation? Let’s review the truth about Grace Class Action Echeck Is It Legit?

The legitimacy of Grace Class Action Echeck:

The e-check received by the Grace Class Action case members is legitimate. Apple Inc issued the first e-checks dated 12th August 2022 recently to the customers who were recognized from the database of Apple Inc as users of iPhone 4, 4S and 6 on 16th April 2014 and who were residing in California on that date.

The customers were informed in the email about taking a printout of the check and presenting it to the bank. However, the issue with page alignment for printing the check was reported.

Grace Class Action Apple scam:

Several iPhone users anticipated e-check from Grace Class Action as a scam for two reasons. The first reason is that the settlement amount is $3.06 per person though, the Apple Inc had allocated $18 million towards compensation. Out of this amount, $6.6 million is paid to the lawyers, which is claimed to be fair as they had incurred an expenditure of $1.1 million.

The second reason people anticipated e-checks from Grace Class Action as a scam is that they were unaware of the process of how e-checks will be distributed, questioning Grace Class Action Echeck Is It Legit? Apple Inc has information about the registered owners of iPhone 4, 4s and 6. However, the customers who had unlocked the official operating system on iPhone (or) rooted the phones are excluded from receiving the e-check.

Further, a detailed procedure is mentioned at to include the details of customers who are eligible to receive compensation. Likewise, extensive information is mentioned on the website to withdraw the names of customers who do not want to receive the e-check or do not want to be a part of the Grace Class Action case.

Why users wanted to know Grace Class Action Echeck Is It Legit?

The amount of settlement for each iPhone user is too small compared to the efforts to encash the check and to the value of iPhone 4, 4S, and 6 getting reduced to approximately $1,095.94 due to the iOS 7.1 upgrade. 


There is no list of customers published on, apple Inc, or any publically accessible platform to crosscheck e-checks received in the email are genuine. However, the information of Grace et al. vs. Apple Inc, Case #17-CV-00551-LHK-NC, suggests that it is a legitimate e-check per the settlement agreement.

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