Us Bank Text Scam {Sep} Explore Full Information!

Read exclusive reviews unavailable elsewhere about Us Bank Text Scam to know and avoid fake alerts under the banner of US Bank.

Did you know about mass messages circulating in the United States giving an impression that your US Bank account is locked? Did you know about a recent data breach? What were the findings of data breach investigations?

We will let you know how to spot fake and scam messages under the banner of the US Bank. Please read this article until the end to know about Us Bank Text Scam.

About fake SMS:

US Bank is aware of the text messages sent to several of its customers. The message creates panic and a sense of urgency among the account holders, which is an age-old trick. 

It was revealed that the US Bank data breach impacted approximately 1.5 million customer accounts on 2nd-June-2022. Hence, people want to know the truth about text messages received from the US Bank.

The SMS included a text informing the customer account was locked. To unlock the account, they must enter their bank ID and other related personal and payment information via Us Bank Text Message Scam. It is a smishing attempt to gain access to user account information.

How to spot scam messages?

US Bank sends messages to its customers related to the following categories:

  1. Account balance alerts,
  2. ATM and credit card transaction information,
  3. ATM and credit card-related alerts,
  4. Security Alerts,
  5. Bill Pay Alerts,
  6. Zelle Alerts, and 
  7. Branch eReceipts

It must be noted that US Bank does not send any text messages asking about your personal, SSN and payment information. If you receive any information requesting you to enter your details, it is a phishing attempt.

Avoiding the Us Bank Text Scam:

US Bank allows you to receive/block specific alerts. You can report such messages by calling at 1(877)595-6256. Avoid accessing third-party website links and do not enter any information via SMS or on a web form.


Any message informing about missing bills, unexpected charges, denied credits, unsolicited debit or credit cards, collection calls. It asks to answer a survey, confirm, verify, or update your account, requesting an immediate response to a threat of suspending your account, informing your account is compromised are possibly phishing attempts. It need to be confirmed with US Bank customer service by calling 1(800) US-BANKS.

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