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Do you want to know about the Day Shift Film? Are you interested to know about the film reviews? If so, read the article till the end. This film has become popular in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia and Germany.

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About Day Shift

Day shift have mixed reviews on rotten tomatoes. Day Shift is the directorial debut of J.J. Perry, who is a stunt performer and has skill of martial art. The film was featured on August 12, 2022 on Netflix. He is famous for his stunt performance in blockbusters, including F9 and John Wick: The Fate of the Furious. Perry has also experience in directing action comedy films related to Vampire. But this film failed to show the stunts that people expect from his film. 

Bud Jablonski is a vampire hunter and a leading protagonist. Jamie fox also tries to maintain a balance among various categories of action. Day Shift Rotten Tomatoes has also become popular among people who like to watch the contents of J.J. Perry. Day shift review has been found in rotten tomatoes. Many people have given reviews on this platform.

The Plot of Day Shift

The plot of the film is quite interesting and exciting. Bud Jablonski used to clean the swimming pool of rich people in the San Fernando Valley. Later, he transitioned to his original job, which was associated with killing a vampire and extracting fangs. These fangs were very valuable and would bring him much money. It would allow him to have a secure life. 

Day Shift Rotten Tomatoes

Jablonski had an endearing daughter, and his ex-wife was Jocelyn. He was in urgent need of $10,000 to prevent the shifting of his family to Florida. To solve his financial problems in life, he had again to join the “union” of vampire hunters. Earlier, the same union kicked him out because he violated many daily codes. But two of his friends had tried to bring him back to the job. Since Jablonski needed money as he was having ups and down in his life, he wanted to go back to the vampire hunting group. 

Day Shift Rotten Tomatoes has helped people to get the reviews of Day shift which started premiering on Netflix.

Five types of vampires were divided by age, methods to hunt, a supreme vampire and various vampire hunting codes. It has been revealed that the plot of the film had many loopholes. Some loopholes are vampires took time to kill. Wooden bullets were also not able to knock them out.


Day shift film attracted many people to watch when it premiered on Netflix, and many people found it exciting and enjoyable. Day Shift Rotten Tomatoes also allowed people to go through the reviews before watching the film. To know more, please visit the link 

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