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The agriculture department of New York advised the natives to kill the spotted lanternflies. Please read the New Spotted Lanternfly York article to know more.

Do you know about lanternfly? Have you heard the recent news about New York? If not, then please continue to read the article. Recently a maintenance worker from the United States noticed some heart-shaped bugs on the wall. When he tried to kill the bugs, they started to multiply. The bugs Michael Thomas, the maintenance worker, saw were lanternflies. 

The government clearly announced that whenever someone sees these bugs, they need to kill them immediately. Please keep reading the New Spotted Lanternfly York article to know more details. 

What is a spotted lanternfly?

Spotted lanternflies are an invasive species that recently spread over the US. Usually, these bugs are found in China, Japan, South Korea, and Vietnam. The bugs host plants like grapes, Malus species, and stone fruits. However, the preferred host of spotted lanternflies is Ailanthus altissima (Chinese tree of heaven). 

Spotted lanternflies are harmless to humans but very harmful to some crops and plants. They usually destroy the hops, apples, blueberries, and grape plants. These bugs are very harmful to the plants because they block photosynthesis. Do you want to know how? Then keep reading the New Spotted Lanternfly York article. 

Spotted lanternflies drink sap from a tree’s trunks and weaken it. Then the waste product of the spotted lanternflies, which is very sticky and filled with high glucose, called honeydew, covers the leaves of the plant. If something covers the leaves of a plant, it automatically blocks photosynthesis.

In 2014, these spotted lanternflies were first noticed in Pennsylvania. Soon they spread over eleven other states, including Indiana and North Carolina. According to a 2020 study, these spotted lanternflies could cause more than $324 million in economic damage. And because of these insects, more than 2,800 people in Pennsylvania have lost their jobs every year. 

New Spotted Lanternfly York– Decision of the Government:

During the time of viral outbreaks like Covid and monkeypox, the government of the US advised the citizens to kill the insects. The agriculture department of New York announced that if someone noticed any spotted lanternfly in the city, they should immediately kill it by crushing it or stepping on it. But according to Michael Thomas, the maintenance worker, it is very difficult to kill the spotted lanternflies. Thomas mentioned that they started hopping whenever he tried to kill them. 

Are the spotted lanternflies harmful to humans?

In the previous section of the New Spotted Lanternfly York article, we have mentioned that these insects are not harmful to humans. Some insects have a very powerful defense, but spotted lanternflies are not like them. These bugs fly slowly, and they don’t bite. When the spotted lanternflies are startled, it has the energy for only one jump. Spotted lanternflies are soft as a butterfly but less crumbly than a moth. 

The Closing Thoughts:

If these insects were also harmless to the plants, the government might not advise killing them. Do you want to know more about these insects? Then please click here to get detailed information about spotted lanternflies. That was it for today’s New Spotted Lanternfly York article. 

Have you ever seen any spotted lanternfly? Please comment below.

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