Hilaree Nelson Manaslu – Is She Missing? Who is Her First Husband? Is Jim Morrison Her Husband? Check Details Of Her Children Here!

To know what happened with Hilaree Nelson after falling into a crevasse, please read the Hilaree Nelson Manaslu article and stay tuned.

Do you have any interest in skiing? Do you know who Hilaree Nelson is? If you have no idea what we are talking about, please follow the full article on Hilaree Nelson Manaslu. Hilaree Nelson is a famous American ski mountaineer. She is popular in the United States, Canada, and France

But unfortunately, she is missing now. She had gone to Nepal to ski. If you want to know more about Hilaree Nelson, please keep reading the article. 

What exactly happened?

Forty-nine years old Hilaree Nelson is missing after falling into a crevasse in Manaslu, Nepal. The news about Hilaree Nelson Missing spread when she attempted to ski from the peak of Manaslu. The whole incident happened on 26th September 2022 on Monday. 

On the same day, an avalanche also lowered down the same place, and it injured almost fourteen mountaineers, and one mountaineer lost his life. This group of mountaineers was on a separate expedition. Please keep reading the article because soon, we will discuss the life of Hilaree Nelson. 

Hilaree Nelson Husband:

At present, Hilaree Nelson is not married. She has a boyfriend named Jim Morrison. If you are into mountain skiing, you must have heard his name at least once in your life. Hilaree Nelson and Jim Morrison are both famous ski mountaineers. They both fall in love in the laps of the mountains in Nepal. Their interests are similar, and both of their past lives are full of tragedy. 

Hilaree Nelson Children:

Hilaree Nelson has two children with her first husband. At a conference, Hilaree mentioned that she has two boys. Nine-year-old Graydon is the younger son, and eleven-year-old Quinn is the older son of Hilaree Nelson. She also said that both sons are a little crazy, and are into skiing. After school, Graydon and Quinn go to a climbing club. 

Hilaree Nelson First Husband:

Brian O’Neill was the first husband of Hilaree Nelson. But unfortunately, because of some personal problems, they decided to separate from each other. Graydon and Quinn are the children of Hilaree and Brian, and after the divorce, both the children live with their mother. 


We don’t know whether Hilaree Nelson is still alive or not. But it’s not possible to be alive after such a great fall. And that’s it for today’s article about Hilaree Nelson Jim Morrison. You can click on the link for detailed information about the top 10 dangerous mountains. 

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