Lucy Fernandez Boat Accident: Did Boating Accident Miami Lourdes Took Place Yesterday 2022? Get All Info Of Miami Boat Accident

The article gathers all the information about the Lucy Fernandez Boat Accident that took place on Sunday. Keep reading further.

Have you heard of the news of Lucy Fernandez accident? Lucy lost her life after a boat collided in Florida, and her 10 others were injured in the crash. The news has devastated the people of the United States, and they are scared enough to go through the incident. Lucy was only 17 years old and was on the boat with 13 other people, due to which 11 people, including Lucy, were injured. Some of them suffered significant injuries and were airlifted to the nearest hospital. We will give you all the details about the Lucy Fernandez Boat Accident.

What is the news?

The news is about a senior student from a Miami High school who was killed and others who were injured heavily after the boat crash on Sunday. Lucy died from injuries, and she was known for her personality and was a shine for the school. The boat hit the channel, which it could not control, and it collided and crashed. The police officials are investigating, and it came with the news that some of them are still critically injured and are given the best medical help.

Essential points on Boating Accident Miami Lourdes

  • Lucy Fernandez was a 17-year-old girl who lost her life due to a boat crash in Florida on Sunday.
  • The incident is regrettable, and her family and friends are mourning their loss. Lucy was a kind-hearted girl who had a signature laugh and brought joy to everyone around her.
  • She was considered a legacy of faith and respect and treated everyone equally. Their health status is unknown for the other 10 people injured in the crash, but we are trying our best to collect information about them.

Details on Lucy Fernandez Boat Accident

After the news of the boat crash broke out on the internet, people were devastated to know about this incident, and family and friends of Lucy were uncontrollable. The reaction is evident as they lost their child and many friends lost their dear friends. They were also students from another school of the sacred heart who were hurt, per the report after the news came out. They held a prayer service on Monday evening to pray for the departed soul. 

The police arrived where the crash happened and pulled people out of the water. We have provided the details on Lucy Fernandez Miami Boat Accident, and people can read about this unfortunate incident and know all the details.

People who are unaware of this incident and want to know the complete details can read the whole news here.


The news of her death has shattered many people around her, and although the medical team tried to save her life, they failed. The boat collision was very severe, and due to this, Lucy could not be saved. Our prayers and condolences are with her family and friends. We are trying to gather more news about the other people who were injured in the Boat Accident Miami Yesterday 2022.

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