Read Ben Stern Obituary: How Did He Die? What Is The Reason For His Death? Details On His Funeral!

Ben Stern Obituary provides the details of the death of Ben Stern, the father of the famous radio star Howard.

Are you a super fan of the Howard Stern radio show? Did you see his father appear in that show sometimes? Then we would like to share some sad news for all the fans of Howard’s father. Mr. Ben Stern has died. And the news of his death scattered the hearts of many United States fans. Here in this article let us talk about Ben Stern Obituary and cause of his death in detail. 

What happened to Ben?

Ben Stern was the father of the famous host, Howard Stern. The father-son duo was very popular among the fans because he used to appear on his son’s show. And Ben Stern also managed to get a good-fan following. 

Recently on the Sirius XM morning show, Howard shared the sad news with fans that his father died at the age of 99, possibly in July. His exact date of death is unknown. Many fans share their obituaries and tributes to him on the star ledger. And it seems that he has not felt well for the past few years.

Ben Stern Cause of Death

According to the online sources, it is believed that Ben was dealing with a lot of health issues. Howard shared that his father suffered from memory loss problems from the age of 80, had lost weight, and felt a little anemic during his last days. And another reason for his death is prostate cancer. Initially, the family members didn’t confirm or officially announce the cause of death. Due to the prostate cancer, his bones deteriorated, and he didn’t get the proper doctor’s treatment then. Ben’s daughter, Ashley, is a nurse. She convinced the entire family about his health condition.

The death of Ben

How Did Ben Stern Die Howard shared that his father died from prostate cancer, and the tumor cells made his bone metastasize. But Ben wasn’t normal during his last days. He had been sleepwalking and screaming. Then he had some hallucinations, believing in things that didn’t exist. But this did not lead him to his death.

 So it shows that he had some sickness for a long time, and the children of Ben wished for their father’s death to happen in his own home. But the death of Ben devasted his whole family.

Rest in peace.

Ben Stern Funeral arrangements were not published yet. One photo of the Ben Funeral was trending on the internet, but Howard didn’t confirm it. There is no official word on the burial arrangements from their family. However, on the radio show, Howard recalled his memories of his father, including the fountain pen and desk that his father used. He also talked about his most recent birthday. And Howard contributed all his success to his father, Ben Stern.


Howard has now decided to work on paintings to honor his father. Howard’s hidden talent is painting. And his dream painting project is” next up with: corwith barns.” He said that the barns would honor Ben Stern Obituary

The son and the father duo entertained the whole United States of America, so now the father has taken a break from this earthly life. For more information on Ben.

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