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This article about Will Ban Abortion Florida will guide readers through the Abortion Ban bill and the states in which these bills will be enacted.

Is abortion banned in Florida? A bill passed in Florida by Gov. Ron DeSantis states that abortions will be banned after 15 weeks of pregnancy. Florida will be the latest state in the United States to restrict access to medical processes. The new bill and the law will be applied from July 1, as few states have already passed the bill. 

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Is Abortion banned in Florida?

The new bill will replace the bill that allows abortion after 24 weeks from pregnancy. The abortion bill was passed by the Governor just two days ago. This law also includes deviation for abnormalities that are fetal and are discovered after 15 weeks. There are 26 states, along with Florida, banning abortion. The state house passed the bill in the mid-February, and then it went to the state Senate. The Governor of Florida has also praised the court’s decision concerning this issue and making the change in it.

Which States are Banning Abortion

There have been a total of 26 states that are likely to put a Ban on Abortion. There are already 22 states that are already in place with law or constitutional amendments, and they are attempting in definite to make that bill in access as quickly as possible. Several states have also indicated that they will introduce the law modeled after the Texas six-week abortion ban. Some states that are likely to ban abortion are Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Michigan, Mississippi, and so on. Now the latest update is about Will Ban Abortion Florida. Other states also tend to impose this law after the Roe turndown.

Roe v. Wade

The Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade on June 24, Friday by a 6-3 majority, which was a landmark judgment of the court that made abortion a constitutional right. This case is sometimes called only Roe, and it was one of the effective laws which are now being overturned by the court soon, there will be a new law that states that a woman can go through an abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy which was before stated as that the abortion will be after24 weeks of pregnancy. So now, Will Ban Abortion Florida will be put into effect, and this bill will be passed and introduced by the Gov. Ron DeSantis. 


Summing up this article, we have informed our readers about the ban on the abortion bill, which allowed women to take medical procedures after 15 weeks of the pregnancy. You can go through many social media sites Like Instagram and Twitter, and you can also visit YouTube Channels to get more details regarding this bill.

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