Griswold v Connecticut 2022 (June) The Recent Verdict!

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Laws are boundaries that prevent people from doing unnecessary activities. However, it is upto the residents to follow or raise their voices against the law if it’s not for their society’s sake. Recently, a similar situation has been seen in the United States, and thus the topic secured headlines Worldwide. So, kindly study the latest facts of Griswold v Connecticut 2022 below.

About The Topic 

While researching, we understood that this case was decided on 7th June 1965 by the Court, giving privacy to married couples and using contraceptives. Moreover, the case associated a Connecticut preventing any individual from using any drug or instruments to avoid contraception. In the end, the authority allows couples to keep their privacy. However, later on, the principles of the law were extended by the authority based on particular facts. 

After that, Roe v. Wade of 1973 came into the picture to give the right to women to decide on abortion. But, recently, on 24th June 2022, the authority cancelled this law against Dobbs v. Jackson. 

Griswold v. Connecticut Detailed Information

As soon as the earlier law, Roe v. Wade was replaced by Dobbs v. Jackson, many people turned disappointed, whereas some supported it. Furthermore, the law written by Justice Thomas disclosed the reversal of the contraceptive, sodomy, and same-gender marriage decisions. Besides, Dobbs v. Jackson doesn’t grant anyone to choose abortion strictly after the appearance of the fetus. 

The law was issued after making a 6-3 judgement, deciding and stating that abortion is an unsecured right, overturning the Roe and Casey. While scrutinizing Griswold vs Connecticut Ruling threads, we found that the majority decision drafted by Justice Samuel Alito and joined by some other renowned justice mentioned that Roe was wrong from the beginning. In addition, its reasoning is quite weak, which might lead to adverse consequences. Now, let us proceed to the next passage to determine the impact of passing Dobbs v. Jackson. 

More Clues

Upon discovering links, we found a source stating that the Republican Party Leader, Mitch McConnell praised the new decision. Also, many other individuals admired the approval. On the other hand, the President, Joe Biden, stated and seemed sad after the decision was approved. Also, a Griswold v Connecticut 2022 source highlighted that the protestors accumulated at the Supreme Court building after the final announcement. 

However, please be noted that the above-stated information is collected from online resources, and we do not encourage or support anyone. 


This article showcased the details of a popular case topic, especially within the United States. Moreover, we have supplied only unbiased information and do not comment on this topic. 

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