Julia Tutwiler Dorm Alabama {July 2022} What Happened?

Please scroll down to the below article to learn about the demolition story and other details of Julia Tutwiler Dorm Alabama.

Are you aware of the recent news related to Julia Tutwiler Hall, which is the living place for almost 50k students? If you know nothing about it, please read this article to learn what happened in Julia Tutwiler Hall.

Julia Tutwiler is situated inside the University Of Alabama, United States campus. The news is coming about the demolition of this old building, and therefore becomes a topic of speculation. Let us see the story of Julia Tutwiler Dorm Alabama.

What Happened In Julia Tutwiler Hall Of Alabama

The hall was built in 1968 and was a 13 storey building. Almost 50k women lived in this hall. This hall was imploded on July 4 by the authorities of the University of Alabama. A new building has been built and will be the next destination for the women from next month.

Just a few seconds before 7 AM on July 4, some dynamite was strategically placed inside and outside the building. As the dynamites started to explode, just in a sprinkle of an eye, the 13 floored buildings turned into debris, and the smoke and the dust-covered Julia Tutwiler Dorm Alabama area

According to the sources, it is known that the debris of that place will be cleared from the afternoon of July 4. All debris will be collected and recycled for further use in building construction. In the space where the hall was situated, greenery will be planted. The area will also be decorated with more lights and pathways, and the road and the infrastructure will be in better condition.

Fifteen minutes after the implosion occurred, the place of around 270 225 sq ft had become a pile of remnants and debris. Let us know the background story of Julia Tutwiler hall.

Background Story Of The Building Of Julia Tutwiler Dorm Alabama

The building had been named after the educationist, prison reformer, and advocate Julia Tutwiler, who was the daughter of the professor of University of Alabama Henry Tutwiler. Julia also was a poet and the lyricist of the state song of Alabama.

People gathered in the Mongolia Parking deck of the Evergreen Cemetery. They are watching everything from the top floor of that building. This incident reminds us of the Rose Towers residence, which was also demolished 10 years back on July 4, 2012. However, a new Tutwiler dorm has been constructed for the students near the old Tutwiler Dorm.

Why Is Julia Tutwiler Dorm Alabama Trending In News?

The demolition of such a massive building by the authorities is a topic worth trending in the news. The fall of the big building of Julia Tutwiler Hall, which was the home to almost 50k students, is certainly a big issue; therefore, the news is swirling on the internet.


This article discusses the demolition of the famous building of Alabama, a place for female students. When asking the women who lived in this place, they describe that the demolished building of Julia Tutwiler took away many happy memories of them with the demolition.

Julia Tutwiler Dorm Alabama was a very special place for all the women who lived there. Do you have any memories of a place when you are a student? Please comment below.

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