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The action game Have a Nice Death, developed by Magic Design Studios, has been famous worldwide. Gearbox Publishing San Francisco published this action game.

Name Have a Nice Death
Publisher Gearbox Publishing San Francisco
Release March 22, 2023
Developer Magic Design Studio

Have a Nice Death Wiki

This post will give details on the Have a Nice Death Wiki that allows you to learn various aspects of the game.

About Have a Nice Death Wiki

Have a Lovely Death is a popular action game where the players are involved in a battle against wild subordinates. Players have to control the CEO of Death.

It is a side-scrolling game that allows the players to view from a side-view camera. This side-scrolling game is also a platform game. Its roguelike elements include permadeath and procedural generation of levels.

The story of the game revolves around the practical aspects of Death. Death makes his job easy by bringing pollution, disease, addictions, natural disasters, and war. 

Death does all this from the location of the underworld. But the Sorrows begin to act by being out of control and involved in the competition with each other. 

Death decides to take an extended vacation after dealing with all the work being out of control. Death also deals with sorrow. Life encountered him when he was on a vacation at a beach. 

When Death takes his vacation, his intern Pump Quinn does all the paperwork until his return. Thus, the story gives a unique perspective of Death.

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Have a Nice Death Guide

Players can get help from the guide to Have a Nice Death. Players can learn the rules of the game by reading this guide. 

Players are required to defeat the workers who become out of control. They are involved in boss fights against some of Death’s significant subordinates. 

Players get the option to empower themselves by making their character more robust, and they can face the challenge boldly by strengthening themselves.

Players can persist in Death by unlocking their abilities and by allowing them to reach further after each session. Players can start with a weapon, and they have to select the gun down randomly. They have only two options to select the weapon.

Players can purchase the weapon from the shop. They get the chance to select the gun before buying the gun. People are trying to learn about biography. However, there needs to be details that can provide information on the desired topic.

This game has had early access since March 2022. Gearbox released it for Windows on March 22, 2023. Therefore, this game is considered to be of the year 2023.

Have a Nice Death Guide


Have a Nice Death Wiki has received positive reviews from many expert players. The reviews are on Metacritic, which is a website that gets reviews of films, music albums, television shows, etc.

Although GamesRadar considers it to be a challenging game, it is still a delight to play. Every player appreciates the game for incorporating some attractive playing options.

Many other websites, including Shack News, find the game filled with fun and rewards. However, the game also faced criticism for its repetitive humor and design.

Some other websites find the game focusing on the protagonist. The protagonist is portrayed as a cruel boss. Though the game is called to be beautiful, the battle is considered to be mechanics.

Slant magazine also expressed their concern regarding the game. They called it exhilarating, but the need for more variety helps keep the players engaged. 

People are also interested in the development of the game. Gearbox Publishing San Francisco published the game. It is a publisher of video games. The publisher came into existence in 2008. The people are trying to know about the Age of this game. 


Have a Nice Death Wiki has been in discussion after the players showed interest in this action game. People are interested in knowing about this game and its style. This game revolves around Death and shows how sorrow makes the work of Death easy. People are interested to know about the Parents as well.

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