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Are you interested in getting more details about recalling baby stroller news? Recently, one such accident took place with a baby stroller. We will discuss it here in detail, and it is assumed that most of the natives from the United States and Canada already have some idea about it. A stroller makes carrying and handling babies much more convenient. Thus, looking for safety regarding this is foremost essential.

In the next segment, the readers will find all the necessary details on the Recall Uppababy Stroller news. 

Brief about the incident

Recently, an accident occurred with the Uppababy Stroller where a baby got a finger stuck in the stroller, causing amputation. After the incident, the Company Uppababy recalled about 14.400 strollers manufactured by them. 

The Consumer Product Safety Commission released a statement that strollers have openings through which a child can get their figure quickly stuck within it, causing major dislocation or amputation of the figure. The agency added to their statement that they had already received the report of an incident where the child was not even inside the stroller. Thus, the Uppababy Ridge Stroller needs urgent modifications.

A statement released by the Company

As per the statement released by the Company, they said that all their products are well tested, and extensive testing is conducted so that their products meet all the global regulatory measures to maintain safety. Further, stated that the incident is assumed to be caused due to consumer’s negligence or misuse. 

As per the complaint, the child was not inside the stroller when the incident took place with the child. The Company launched the Ridge strollers for parents on a jog on terrain surfaces.

Why is news on Recall Uppababy Stroller trending?

Such an incident with a child has shaken the users of the stroller; thus, this news spread like wildfire within a few hours after the incident occurred. Apart from that, consumers who already have these rigid strollers can immediately contact the Company to replace their brake discs. The Company has already developed a solution, and now the users can contact the Company at Email- or call 1-844-823-3132 (Monday to Friday) from 9 a.m. To 5 p.m. EST also, the consumers can call on Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m EST.

Features of Uppababy Ridge Stroller

The features of the stroller are as follows:-

  • The stroller is designed with black tires and a blue, white, or charcoal-colored fabric.
  • The stroller has zipper pockets and a netting window designed with a feature canopy.
  • The Rigid strollers have serial numbers which start with “1401RDGUS” above the wheels on the right-hand side of the stroller.

Above, we have mentioned the features of the stroller. Now let’s move toward the conclusion.

The Bottom Line

That’s all about this trending news. Thus, this is why the consumer product safety agency ordered Recall Uppababy StrollerThe rigid stroller met with an accident in which the child got his figure eliminated. The Rigid stroller incident curtailed the safety of the children and therefore ordered the product to recall.

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