Swing Mamaroo Recall {Aug 2022} Explore The Details!

In the report above, we revealed the truth behind Swing Mamaroo Recall. Also, we will know the status of the recall of the new 4Moms swings models.

Why were baby Mamaroo swings recalled from the market? Most parents decide to include a swing in their baby’s wish list or buy one when their child is born. The reason for this is that swings are excellent at doing what you can’t always do: soothing and entertaining your child, especially when they can be particularly cranky during the newborn stage. 

Many swings were recalled from Canada, the United States, and other areas. But why did this Swing Mamaroo Recall take place? 

What is unique about 4MOMS baby swings? 

The most popular swing among the list of baby necessary items is this 4MOMS swings  Roo. 

  • Calm and safe: You can’t go wrong with either of these swings if you need a cozy, safe place for your kid to be (and who doesn’t, really?). The general concept is similar even if each swing moves differently: (most) newborn baby’s love continual movement, and these rockers or swings give it to them. 
  • Washable: Being able to machine wash anything on is crucial since babies are fussy. The seat pads on the mamaRoo are 100percent machine washable. 

This 4MOMS Mamaroo Swing Recall is uniquely designed for kids to keep them happy and safe. 

Why are these swings necessary for any baby? 

You’ll discover within a few minutes with a baby that one of the best methods is to keep them quiet in motion. MamaRoo does what you can’t do 24 hours a day: sway, rock, and bounce your child in the way they love. 

Various programmable actions in the mamaRoo imitate popular baby experiences including a gentle wave,  a car ride, the rebound of a mother’s arm, or a tree swing.

Why did the Swing Mamaroo Recall take place? 

The recall took place following the demise of ten months old child. The Safety Commission Consumer Product of the U.S. issued a recall for more than 2 million baby swings and rockers as they may cause danger of strangling. About two million Baby Swings, MamaRoo, from 4moms, in 1.0 variants by 220,000 and  4.0 Baby Rockers, RockaRoo, sold across the USA, are included in the recall. 

The restraint straps of the rockers or swings may droop beneath the seating while not in use, creating a strangling risk for crawling infants who are not in the swing, as per recall notice. The statement about Mamaroo Baby Swing said that 4moms actively collaborated with the CPSC to recall around 2 million MamaRoo swings and 220,000 RockaRoo rockers due to unusual incidents. 

How are these swings causing accidents of asphyxiation? 

Two incidents of kids becoming tangled in the MamaRoo swing’s safety straps, which hang below the seat of the swing while it is not in use, have been reported. The company said users should stop using swings and apply fasteners to restrict the strap from dangling. Also, do check the further details about Mamaroo here


Here, we got to know the reason behind Swing Mamaroo Recall. In an official statement, 4moms further explained that the recently released MamaRoo (model 1046) is exempt from the recall because of its newly designed harness and strap arrangement. 

The company also has started contacting the users who are still using the product and replacing them or giving them free fasteners. Is the strap the culprit here? Comments down your views below. 

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