Is Sofft Shoes Legit {Sep 2022} An Informative Review!

This article deals with the information about Sofft Shoes and therefore provides an analysis of Is Sofft Shoes Legit or not.

Do you know about Sofft Shoes and what their products are? A shoe that affects and provides comfort to our foot is always excellent. If you are willing to invest your money in your comfort, you can opt for the Sofft shoe website. 

Sofft Shoes’ website is popular in the United States, and people are interested in investing their money in this website. However, some people want to know about the legitimacy of the website. Therefore, we are here to share details about Is Sofft Shoes Legit or not. 

Is the Sofft Shoes website legitimate or not? 

  • Domain Age: The website’s domain age provides the best factor which claims whether the website is trustworthy or not. Sofft Shoes is around 19 years old as the website was launched on 20th August 2003; therefore, we can find this credible site. 
  • Social Media Sites: In today’s world, it is more critical to have social media sites, and therefore, we must have social media availability on the website. Therefore, we researched this site and found that Sofft Shoes has a social media presence. 
  • Consumer Reviews: Sofft Shoes Reviews is available, and we found that the consumers are happy with this website. Positive aspects are available among the reviews, so people are happy with this site. 
  • Trust Score: This score depends on various factors, so we found around a 60% trust score. This is an average score that we can consider. 
  • Policy Information: There is clear policy information available on the website. Therefore, we can trust this website. 
  • Contact Information: Contact details are available on the website, which also clarifies that we can connect with them. Is Sofft Shoes Legit not valid here, and therefore, is this site trustworthy? 

What is the Sofft Shoe website? 

Sofft shoes is a website dedicated to providing amazing shoes to consumers, primarily women’s shoes. Therefore, this website has an enormous presence among the people in the United States

However, the website seems exciting; we cannot find details about whether to trust the website or not. So, in this article, we will analyze in detail the legitimate factors of this website and how we can trust this website. Therefore, let’s begin our analysis about Is Sofft Shoes Legit. 

Specific Details: 

  • Website: Retail site
  • Product: Shoes for women. 
  • URL:
  • Domain name:
  • Domain age: The website is more than 18 years old. 
  • Email Address:
  • Address: Not available
  • Contact number: 888-718-6898
  • Shipping Details: There are certain shipping charges. 
  • Return Detail: There is a 30 days return available for the consumers. 
  • Refund Details: There is a refund also available for the consumers. 
  • Payment Details: The website accepts payment from Cash, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and other platforms. 
  • Certification: HTTPS certification is available on the website to protect consumer data. 

Pros of Sofft to learn about Is Sofft Shoes Legit

  • The Sofft shoe website has a fantastic collection of shoes for women. Classic shoes, sneakers, hill shoes, and various other varieties are available for consumers. 
  • A clear return and refund option is available to the consumer, which is again a benefit for the users. 
  • HTTPS certification is available for the consumer and benefits the users. 

Cons of Sofft 

  • Sofft seems to provide a bit of an expensive product to the consumers. 
  • There is no precise detail available about how to get the company’s physical address. 

Let’s now check the customer reviews in detail to find its authenticity correctly.

What are Sofft Shoes Reviews

Sofft Shoes provides terrific shoes to consumers, and this website also has fantastic consumer reviews. As per these reviews, consumers have got the best shoes, and they are also finding it comfortable to use these shoes. 

Women have mentioned their relaxing points with these shoes and how they benefit them. In addition to this, we can also learn more about Credit Card Scams and how to get saved from these scams. 

The Last Words

Sofft Shoes provides shoes that are attractive and easy to wear for consumers. Women are happy to wear these shoes and therefore suggest that the website is legitimate. The case study of Is Sofft Shoes Legit suggests that the website is legitimate.   

What is your view about this website? Please comment. Besides this, you can learn more about how PayPal scams are conducted and how to save yourself from them. 

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