What Are The Main Differences Between Android And Smart Televisions?

With the introduction of Smart TV technology, makers have begun to optimize the user experience by integrating the operating system of their choosing. Television quality back then depended on the display. 

This is not at all the case with contemporary Smart TVs, though. Nowadays, when Internet connectivity is at its peak, TVs with entire operating systems are being introduced by brands. One such example is the TCL Smart TV.

Additionally, the businesses never stop working to create unique operating systems for Smart TVs. Similarly, Google, the tech behemoth, developed the most recent version of the Android TV operating system, which was based on the popular Android mobile OS.

Now there is often confusion regarding a Smart TV and an Android TV. This article strives to clear your confusion and give you a clear idea about which TV is better for your specified requirements.

Basic difference

Android TV is any Smart TV that utilizes the Android Operating System, and a Smart TV is but a TV with Smart operating systems other than the unique Android TV OS. 

What is in a Smart TV?

You can experience a Full HD or HD ready screen that utilizes a set-top box or a cable connection in a standard TV. Add to that the custom OS with built-in apps and App Store with internet connectivity, and the result is a Smart TV like the latest TCL Smart TV.

  • Similar to a smartphone, a TCL Smart TV has support for WiFi, Bluetooth. It generally runs on Linux-kernel based Operating systems.
  • Different manufacturers have their own operating systems in the market.
  1. Samsung has TizenOS.
  2. LG has WebOS
  3. Microsoft features HomeOS.
  4. Roku has the Roku TV platform.

These Operating systems come with streaming applications like YouTube, Netflix, Twitch, Discord preinstalled on them.

What is in Android TV OS?

Google is revolutionizing the Smart TV operating systems with its Android TV OS. User experience similar to the stock google smartphones, this Smart Android TV comes equipped with the latest and greatest Google Apps like YouTube, Play Movies, YouTube Music. 

Most well-known Smart TV brands use this operating system as their primary OS for the convenience of the Google services. Sony, TCL, Xiaomi, OnePlus etc.

All OEMs customize and tweak this OS to bring their own set of proprietary apps.

  • Xiaomi comes with PatchWall. 
  • OnePlus TV has Oxygen Play
  • TCL Smart TV comes with Apple Airplay on its selected Roku TV sets

The only shortcoming of the Android TV OS is that it does not come with every OTT platform app pre-installed as it depends entirely on the TV manufacturer. TCL Smart TV models operate on these three main OSs.

  1. Android TV
  2. Roku TV
  3. Smart TV 2

TCL is exultant to fuse world-class technology by implementing their latest TCL Smart TV sets with inbuilt Chromecast for the recreational pleasure of their customers.

Why should you choose Android TV?

Among other reasons like the highest number of apps and reliability of Google Play Services, the regular system updates and security patches from Google makes your Android TV a secure one. 

The built-in Google Assistant and Chromecast phone mirroring will also augment your watching experience with an added layer of functionality and convenience. This OS supports a Bluetooth enabled game controller and is surprisingly available on low-range Android TV models of even 10,000 INR. 

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Today, a TV is more than its display with a myriad of connectivity options, pre-loaded content and the kind of operating system it runs. A Smart TV and Android TV are both filled with plenty of options. Leading Smart TV manufacturers like LG and Samsung feature their own operating systems for their LED television sets. 

Other companies like TCL use the latest Android TV OS for the TCL Smart TV models. You don’t have to worry about paying the entire amount upfront for your TV purchase when you use the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card to pay with a no-cost EMI.

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