Oscar De La Hoya Vs Canelo Alvarez Titans Collide 2024: Records, Ages And Wife Details!

The article discusses the viral Oscar de la Hoya vs Canelo story along with data about his records, age, and wife details.


  • Oscar de la Hoya is a former weight champion and a trendy figure in the entire boxing world. Currently, he is running his own boxing promotion company, Golden Boy Promotions.
  • Canelo Alvarez is another middleweight champion who is ruling today’s boxing, and for most of his career, he was only aligned with Oscar. But in 2020, their separation happened, shocking all the fans of Mexico, the United States, and Canada.
  • Currently, the heated conversation between Oscar de la Hoya vs Canelo is gaining the attention of millions of people.

The viral Oscar de la Hoya vs Canelo story

The viral Oscar de la Hoya vs Canelo story

Oscar de la Hoya and Canelo used to maintain a very healthy relationship in the past. Canelo has spent most of his boxing life with Oscar de la Hoya’s promotional company only. 

In the year 2020, Canelo came out of it, and from then on, the relationship between both of them took a bitter path. 

And the recent incident that happened on May 1, 2024, is the perfect evidence for it because they ended up having a heated conversation at a pre-fight press conference that occurred in Los Angeles. 

Canelo went to the verge of punching Oscar, but thankfully, guards prevented him. El Canelo would have punched him. The reason for this fight is that Oscar mocked Canelo regarding his anti-doping test failure. Thus, it has fueled him to carry over these actions.

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Oscar de la Hoya Record

Oscar is a legendary boxer who got the nickname “the golden boy” due to his excellent boxing skills. In 1992, he won the gold medal in the Olympics for the lightweight category. 

So, he is a very famous star in the global world. Due to the current controversy around Canelo, Oscar’s record is also trending all over the internet.

Let us see the record details for Oscar.

Total fights  45
Wins 39
Winds by knockout  30
Losses 6

In addition to that, he has won gold medals in lots of renowned competitions like the U.S. Olympic Festival, World Championships, Goodwill Games, United States Olympic Cup, U.S. National Championships, and National Golden Gloves.

Oscar de la Hoya Age and Family

Oscar de la Hoya Age and Family

Oscar de la was born on February 4, 1973, in East Los Angeles, so the age of this legendary boxer is 51 as of 2024.

His parents migrated from Mexico to the USA even before his birth, so his ethnic roots are rooted in Mexico, and his nationality is from the USA. But he also holds Mexican citizenship.

If we look at Oscar’s family, we see that everyone is a boxer. Yes! His grandfather, his father, and his brother were all talented boxers. So even Oscar gets their genes.

His father’s name was Joel Senior, and his brother’s name is Joel Junior.

Oscar de la Hoya Wife 

Oscar’s current relationship details have yet to be discovered. But in 1995, Oscar dated the former Miss USA titleholder Shanna Moakler, and the pair got engaged in 1998 and welcomed their first child into this world.

But in the year 2000, the pair faced lots of issues, so in the year 2001, the pair got divorced. And in 2001, Oscar married the famous singer Millie Corretjer, and the pair has three kids. In 2016, both of them were separated due to misunderstandings.

Oscar de la Hoya’s net worth

Oscar de la Hoya's net worth

The Oscar de la Hoya vs Canelo issue also put the spotlight on the net worth of Oscar. His estimated net worth is about $500 million as of 2024, according to a Forbes calculation.

He has earned this much money from his boxing career, and with this money only, he opened his own promotional boxing company, which is still making profits.

Networth analysis

2023 400 million dollars
2022 300 million dollars
2021 250 million dollars
2020 200 million dollars


Thereby. Oscar de la Hoya’s name is currently trending due to his heated conversation with Canelo. The Oscar de la Hoya vs Canelo incident may explain the tensions between both of them, but it is only for a short period. Later, all these issues will be resolved, and people will start talking about Oscar’s triumphs. Oscar De La Hoya – Wikipedia

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