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This article provides information on the recent controversy of Jim Sciutto Anchor Cnn, related to his leave and trip. Read further and grab info.

Have you noticed the absence of Jim Sciutto from the CNN network? Many viewers from Canada and the United States noticed that Jim Sciutto is not on CNN for quite some time. Therefore, the viewers think that he left the show. 

Well, it’s time to see the truth behind the leave of Jim Sciutto Anchor Cnn.

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Who is Jim Sciutto?

Jim Sciutto is a famous CNN co-anchor of the morning newsroom newscast and the company’s chief national correspondent. He has an immense following, especially from the United States.

Recently, he’s been absent for the past two days of the show, which makes the viewers think about whether he left the channel or not. Jim Sciutto joined CNN in 2013 and became an integral part of the company. 

Jim Sciutto Anchor Cnn– Is he left the company?

There’s no such news published anywhere in articles or newspapers that he left the company. However, it is mentioned that he takes personal leave and expects to return to the show soon. Jim hasn’t seen the show for the past two days and the reason is the personal leave that he took recently. 

There’s no reason mentioned about the leave. Still, it is believed that Jim Sciutto Anchor Cnn visited some conflict location and present scenarios, and that’s why he wasn’t available on the show along with his co-host Poppy Harlow. 

When will Jim Sciutto return?

Recently, no information has been given regarding the return of Jim on CNN, but it is said through internal sources that the reason behind his leave is related to his trip. He suffered a fall during the trip back, and the Daily Beast reports the matter of Jim Sciutto Anchor Cnn.

CNN is investigating the facts and will conclude soon regarding the case. Everyone is waiting to know the exact reason behind the unexpected leave of Jim Sciutto.

Is Jim Sciutto issued any statement?

Jim issued no statements at this point, and CNN declined to answer the reason behind the objection to Jim and his unexpected leave from the show which raises many questions.


With everything taken into consideration, we can say that Jim Sciutto Anchor Cnn should come forward and tell everyone why he was absent from the show. His fans would be happy to hear from him, and every media will be able to get their facts straight.

Do you have any information related to Jim’s absence? Please share with us. 

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