Did Jada Cheat On Smith {March} Explore The Fact Here!

This research on Did Jada Cheat On Smith will guide our readers on the mystery behind Jada and Will’s relationship.

Jada Smith and Will Smith are the most beautiful couple in the film industry. But, their marriage has always been controversial. They had never disclosed much about their marriage and kept it a mystery. But, today, we will clarify all your doubts on Did Jada Cheat On Smith? This question has been wondered by everyone Worldwide

This post concerns all the mysterious details of Jada and Smith’s relationship. So, kindly go through this post.

Why are Jada and Smith in controversy?

Pinkett and Will Smith are a renowned couple in the film industry, but they have been in a longtime controversy because of their relationship. Recently Will slapped Chris due to his tacky remark on Pinkett. Since then, the couple has been in a controversy about the reality behind their marriage. So, we will describe if Jada cheated on Will and the ongoing controversy about their marriage. Kindly read the details shared in the next section.

Did Jada Cheat On Will With Tupac?

Jada revealed that she was a drug dealer in her school days when she accidentally met Tupac Shakur, a rapper. Tupac Shakur was a renowned rapper of the 90s, but unfortunately, in 1996, he was shot. They were good companions and had been together during school time. Later, Will confirmed their relationship. They both were friends and grew up together. Will said that their friendship made him jealous and insecure sometimes, but they were not in a lovemaking relationship. Will felt insecure and was unable to handle the relationship. However, Jada did not cheat on Will With Tupac. But, the story didn’t end. There is a lot more to know.

Did Jada Cheat On Smith?

This beautiful couple had been married for more than 23 years, and in an interview, Will addressed that the couple does not practice monogamy anymore. The rumorswere rolling out earlier that Jada was in a secret relationship with August Alsina. Jada went to Wireless Festival to support her kids, where she met Alsina. However, she didn’t confirm her external marital affair. 

In addition, after denying their relationship with August for many years, August disclosed the truth and confirmed that he loved Jada and about their romantic relationship. So, we could believe in the rumors on Did Jada Cheat On Smith.

The 50-year-old actress disclosed her relationship with her husband. She addresses that this made their marriage stronger. However, they both still share a romantic bond and have tons of love for each other.


Summing up here, we disclosed every detail of Jada and Will’s relationship. The couple is still sharing a beautiful bond. However, the rumors about their relationship have always been a mystery. So, this post will guide you on their marital status. 

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