Weddle Wordle Game (April 2022) Essential Facts To Know!

The guide shares details about the new NFL version of the Weddle Wordle Game puzzle game.

Do you love playing NFL games online? If your answer is affirmative, you will enjoy playing the newly launched game, Weddle. Regarded as the NFL version of the Wordle puzzle game, Weddle is the new puzzle game that shares the name of the former safety, Eric Weddle.

It is the NFL version of a word puzzle game where players get eight attempts to guess the football player at the center of the boxes. After the launch, many players in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United States were attracted to the Weddle Wordle Game.    

What is Weddle Game?

Weddle is the newly launched NFL version of the famous puzzle game, Wordle. The famous football league, NFL, inspires the puzzle game. The game is a free guessing puzzle developed by Josh Wardle in 2022.

Unlike the famous word puzzle games, Weddle Game involves unique gameplay where players have to guess the name of the famous NFL players in 8 attempts. Once they guess the correct name, they are asked to guess the jersey number, position, age, height, division, and team. 

The yellow boxes indicate how close you are to the answer and the green boxes mean your guess is correct. 

Rules of Weddle Game Wordle!

The rules of this guessing game are straightforward to understand. Below is the list of rules players have to follow while playing Weddle.

  • Players need to fill the boxes with the football player’s name 
  • After guessing the correct name, the boxes will turn green
  • If the guesses are wrong, the box will turn red, and if you are close to the answer, the boxes will turn yellow
  • Each player gets 8 attempts to guess the correct answer. Players can only play the Weddle Wordle Game once in 24 hours. 

These are some rules that players have to keep in mind while playing the word guessing puzzle game. 

About the Gameplay!

Weddle Game is not a trickier or more challenging puzzle game. Instead, you have to follow specific rules and use your skills to guess the correct answers. 

  • The gameplay starts by guessing the name of the NFL player.
  • In your 8 attempts, you have to guess the correct player’s name. Successful guessing will unlock other quizzes in Weddle Game Wordle
  • The red boxes mean the answer is wrong, yellow means you are close to the answer, and green boxes mean the answer is correct.

If you are a avoid NFL streamer, definitely nothing can stop you from increasing your scorestreaks. You can play once every 24 hours and maximize your winning streak by guessing the correct answer.  


Weddle is the NFL version of the puzzle game Wordle. However, there is a twist in the gameplay where players have to guess the names of NFL players instead of a word to win.

Many people are playing the Weddle Wordle Game with excitement and increasing their winning streaks. It lets you check your skills and knowledge in NFL games. It is free to play, and you can enjoy playing it once every 24 hours. 

Do you have any updates to share about the game? Please share it in the comment section.

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