How To Get Time Cube In Raise A Floppa {April} Find Out!

The article How to get time cube in raise a floppa provides information about the game. 

Do you love big floppa memes? Are you ready to play a game based on Cat Floppa memes? If yes, then the game is in Roblox. Within a few months, this game had gained a broad fan base in the United States, Canada. Here is the article which helps you to guide How To Get Time Cube In Raise A Floppa.

Timecube and its method to obtain

Raise a floppa is an online game on Roblox, and Timecube is a tool being used to raise a floppa game. Players need that tool to get a mysterious orb. The mysterious orb is an entry ticket to the other dimensions. 

If players need to go to the next dimension, they will have to get the mysterious orb. And players also need time cubes to access the various time machines. Players can get the time cube in two ways. They are,

  • Backrooms
  • OG floppa

Raise a floppa game:

The players are eager to learn How To Go Outside In Raise A Floppo. It was a bit difficult to find the outside way. But we are here to provide the steps to reach out,

  • Players have to get the key to go outside.
  • But to get a key, make your floppa aged 5 to 7 instead.
  • Then the door opens and closes.
  • Then the shiny orange box will appear.
  • The key will be present inside the orange box.

The key that they have obtained helps the players go outside.

Explanation on time cube

In this section, we can learn more about Raise A Floppo How To Get  Time Cube.

  • Backrooms: In this backroom technique, survival is the key to getting the time cube. Players have to escape from the backroom without losing their lives. If players succeed in fleeing from there, they will be awarded a time cube.
  • OG Floppa: Players have to beat OG Floppa’s obby. First, you have to initiate a conversation with OF Floppa, then you have to have 100 percent confidence in the altar and after that, players have to climb to the OG floppa. Then defeat its obby to get a time cube.

Roblox’s Floppo in a snippet

Players must understand How To Get Time Cube In Raise A Floppa because it is an important part of the game. Raising a floppo is an online game developed based on the big floppa memes. It was developed by Floppo#1 of Roblox. 

The game was launched on the 26th of March, 2022. It is only a month old, but it has gained huge popularity among gamers. Till today, the game has had 6 million visits, and nearly 1 .5 lakh gamers marked this game as their top. This game was deleted recently, but now it has returned powerfully.


As a result, the article How to Get Time Cube in Raise a Floppa provided information about the game and time cubes. The game was removed recently, but we assure you that the raise a floppa game is back for its users. 

It has gained huge fan momentum within a short period with its new 3D-generated gaming techniques and smart rules. Click Here for more floppa gaming updates

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