Linkt Scam {Aug 2022} Recent Update About This Fraud!

The article discusses the basic features of the Linkt Scam and tries to give a detailed report on the scam.

Do you receive any SMS or text from Linkt mobile application? Recently, many people especially are receiving this kind of text. Mainly many people are disturbed due to these text messages in Australia

News has come out recently; a woman has warned a driver for charging her around 4000 USD from her credit card. Mainly the mobile application targets taxi drivers and sends them a text message. But we need to understand the Linkt Scam and find out the truth. 

What Do You Know About the Scam? 

Per the administrative report, the scammer has taken around 29000 USD by using this text message. We have searched the text message, and we find some following features about these scam messages. 

  1. The drivers receive the text message with the heading “LINKT”. 
  2. The news has mentioned the date of the journey. 
  3. Besides this, the SMS indicated “Unpaid.” toll tax with the date mentioned. 
  4. The text also carries the “Payment link”. 
  5. The payment link is – https://urpdew.tom

Linkt Scam Text

After the news about the scam text, the authority starts the action and examines the whole matter. The expert authority has found some critical points about the text message. 

  1. The scammers are operating not only from this country but from outside of this country. Yes, the other country names are still unknown. 
  2. On the other hand, scammers send text messages to anyone. Even those who don’t have any toll accounts also received the SMS. 
  3. The investigating authority has checked and examined many messages to understand the facts. 

Linkt Scam– the current Updates

The investigation team has already started the investigation in the high-level mode. The officers of the investigation team already discussed the matter with the “Telecommunication” companies to stop this kind of scam or text. 

The team also discusses the matter with the telecommunication brands like Telstra and Optus. The investigation team requested both companies to stop down the domain that is literally used by the scammers. 

On the other hand, Linkt also publicly states that the company never asks for the customer’s personal data & information or bank details after the Linkt Scam Text

Why is the News Trending? 

The scam is taking a significant amount of money from the citizens of this country. In a report, it is found that already two billion cash is accepted by the scammer. Besides this, the suffering people have already criticized the authorities for not taking proper care of these public accounts. The people now want a formal investigation to stop this scam. 


Meanwhile, the authority has urged people to check the typos and grammar mistakes in the text. The administration also advised not to touch the link, and when they receive an SMS, immediately inform the police and bank authority about the Linkt Scam

All the reports and information are taken from valuable internet sources. Further, click here to check the essential details for the news. Have you received any text like this? What was your response?

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