Ashford Vacations Bahamas Scam {Aug} Find Hidden Reality

Read exclusive facts unavailable elsewhere about Ashford Vacations Bahamas Scam. Also, learn the reason why people consider it a money trap.

Are you planning to vacation in the Bahamas? Did you calculate how much it will cost? Do you want to save money on your vacation? Many travel agencies offer a free trip to various locations in the United States

But, not all packages are legitimate, or you end up paying a good amount of money in the name of a free vacation. Let’s know more about Ashford Vacations Bahamas Scam.

About Bahamas vacation package:

Ashford is a travel agency promoting its brand by offering free vacations for two people in the Bahamas. Ashford holds a draw every month. The sweepstake cards for the draw are available at local stores in the usa. You must enter your name, address and phone number on the sweepstake card.

Each month, the winners are contacted by the Ashford customer service manager regarding how to proceed further with the free vacation. Once you confirm your details, your trip will be reserved. The Bahama free vacation package offered by Ashford is legitimate.

About Ashford Vacations Bahamas Scam:

However, the rumors about the Bahamas vacation package being a scam were featured recently. Ashford offers the package to bring more crowds to the island. During their stay, the travelers spend a good amount of money to enjoy their vacation. The island has several restaurants, bars, dining options, drink packages, room upgrades, night shows, casinos, shops, etc. 

Customers treated it as a trap as they had to spend a good amount of money from their pockets. Ashford only offers a stay in the Bahamas for 5-days and 4-nights. However, you need to reach the location to board the cruise liner. Thus, spending money on traveling. 

Ashford Vacations Bahamas Scam is a gossip as a few customers who took advantage of the free vacation package were informed that they could save more than $1,800. But, this is in the case you already planned for some vacation at a location, got your budget ready, and as a coincidence, you won the Ashford vacations package. So, you automatically save the amount on your stay, etc. You can choose to stay at the Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach Resort or the Taino Beach Resort

Stay in the Bahamas is not inclusive of all amenities. You will spend money on food, drinks, upgrades, shows, entertainment, shops, bars and several restaurants. Hence, the Ashford Vacations Bahamas Scam anticipated as a money trap. It doesn’t come cheap, as Ashford and its partner resorts make money in this way. 


Ashford vacations package reviews suggest that it is not a scam. The customer must note that they are only offered a free stay, and it is expected that people who visit the Bahamas on vacation will spend money for enjoyment and entertainment. But, some customers considered out-of-pocket expenditure a scam. Otherwise, you save money on staying and traveling on a cruise liner.

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