Is Imana Cares Legit {April} Read For Full Information!

Is Imana Cares Legit 2021

Is Imana Cares Legit {April} Read For Full Information!>> Here in this article, we will read about a scam program run by an NGO, read this article to have full information.

As of now, we are all suffering Worldwide in this pandemic situation; there are a lot of NGO’s and other various organizations who are working day and night for the people who are suffering.

So, in this topic, we will read about the Imana organization and see whether Is Imana Cares Legit and are they working for the betterment of people, read this whole article to know more about Imana cares.

What Is Imana Cares?

Imana cares to go by the name of The Islamic Medical Association Of North America, and it is one of the largest medical group which works based on faith. It is also one of the largest Muslim medical organization in entire North America.

It was officially founded in 1987 in Illinois and is also a non-profit organization dedicated to the ideals of Islamic Medicine; here, in this particular article, we will focus on whether Imana Cares Is Real Or Fake and do they work for the benefit of people who are suffering.

Recently Imana cares have launched a program, Help India Breathe, from which they collect donations from people worldwide to fulfil the need for oxygen in India.

Is Imana Cares Or Legit Or Not:

Imana cares about an old organization that works for the benefit of mankind, and they have done recognizable works. Still, recently, the program they have launched in India seems to be a scam, which puts them on a question of whether Is Imana Cares Legit.

According to the research we have done, we think that the program that they have launched in India is a scam and is not legit because that program is only available on Instagram and there no proof about the work and also there is also no track about the donations that where the donations are going, so we can say that it is not legit.

Imana Cares Reviews:

Imana Cares is an old organization that is based on faith and works for social causes. But because of few incidents, they have come under the question of whether Is Imana cares Legit.

Imana Cares have multiple social media handles like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, where the works of this organization is available. There are multiple posts available on their Facebook page which have positive reviews about their work. They have almost 5000 members on their Facebook Page.


Here in this article, we have read about Imana cares which is a Muslim organization. After doing all the research, we concluded that the initiative of Help India Breathe was not legit because there’s no proof of whether Is Imana Cares Legit. For more information click here

What do you think about this organization? Do you think this kind of organizations run scam programs? Do let us know your views on the comment section.

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