Is Imana Cares Legit (June 2021) Let Us Know Here!

Is Imana Cares Legit (June 2021) Let Us Know Here! >> The article below helps you to know about an organization which helps needy people.

We are all suffering Worldwide in this pandemic situation; there are a lot of NGOs and other various organizations who are working day and night for the people who are suffering.

So, in this topic, we will read about the Imana organization and see whether Is Imana Cares Legit and are working to better people; please read this whole article to know more about Imana cares.

What is Imana Cares?

Imana cares to go by the name of The Islamic Medical Association Of North America, and it is one of the largest medical group which works based on faith. It is also one of the largest Muslim medical organizations in entire North America.

It was officially founded in 1967 in Illinois and is also a non-profit organization dedicated to Islamic medicine ideals. Here, in this particular article, we will focus on whether Is Imana Cares Legit and do they work for the benefit of people who are suffering.

Members of IMANA include well known physicians, notable medical professional, and various government dignitaries.

Imana’s Achievements 

  • Served 2.5 million people Worldwide in more than 34 countries.
  • Ninety emergency medical response teams.
  • Achieved a total of 153 surgical & medical missions.
  • It put up a total of 30 health care centers. 
  • Imana helped during natural disasters like earthquakes, Tsunami, floods and also during a pandemic. COVID – 19 is an example. 

Is Imana Cares Legit or Not?

  • Imana is an old organization that works for the benefit of humankind, and they have done recognizable works. 
  • We have researched to know whether the community is legit or not. We found that Imana is founded in 1967.
  • But we obtained its site creation date as 1997-07-23.
  • Trust score and trust rank of the site is 93% and 58.1 out of 100, respectively.
  • We have also received the nixed reviews and evaluations for Imana.
  • Scrutinizing the things carefully, nothing can be said about its legitimacy now, so we suggest you carry out research from your end as well and please look at all the users’ reviews and evaluations.

Is Imana cares Legit Users’ Reviews

Imana Cares is an old organization that is based on faith and works for social causes. But because of few incidents, they have come under the question. Imana Cares have multiple social media handles like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, where the works of this organization is available. There are multiple posts available on their Facebook page which have positive reviews about their work. They have almost 5000 members on their Facebook Page.

Closing Thoughts 

Here in this article, we have read about Imana Cares, which is a Muslim Organization. It does an amazing job; it spreads health messages, prevents diseases and promotes healthy living through its various programs. 

Is Imana Cares Legit? To get an answer to this, one needs to research from your end. Though we have provided you with all the information and we have received mixed reviews and evaluations. For more details, you may visit this link.

What do you think about this organization? What are your views about its programs? Please do let us know your views on the comment section.

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