How Many Suicides This Year {Jan} Check Report Analysis!

In this article, we provide the data on How Many Suicides This Year, the causes of suicides and information about helping the suicidal victim recover.

The facts about Suicides are horrifying. Did you know that Suicide is the tenth leading cause of death in the United States alone? Did you know that each year more than 1.38 million people attempt Suicide Worldwide? Did you know that the rate of suicides was more during the middle ages? 

But, as a ray of hope, we came to know 93% of suicides could be prevented. In this article, we bring you data on How Many Suicides This Year?

The hope of recovery:

If a person can recover from impulsive feelings of self-harm and suicidal behaviours, he may not go on to make a suicide attempt further. But for this, he may need HELP to change his negative behaviour and thoughts to become more adaptable.

Society, family and friends also contribute a lot and play an important role in the life of such a person. They help make the suicide victim understand his importance in the family and society. It, in turn, increases the feeling of self-care and well-being.

How Many Suicides Have There Been In 2022?

According to SUPRE, part of the World Health Organization (WHO), 10,566 Suicides were reported this year. Out of this, 1,756 people had Suicide today. 

Based on Gender:

The suicide attempts differed based on ethnicity, race, gender and age. But, suicides occur in all parts of the world. But, Men were 3.63x times more venerable to suicides compared to women. It was revealed that firearms were used in more than fifty percent of suicides. 

During Education:

It was discovered that 6.6% of male students and 11% female students studying in grade 9 to grade 12 had attempted Suicide at least once in the past twelve months. It gives an idea about How Many Suicides This Year among students. Out of this, 2.5% of students required medical treatment for recovery. 

Based on Age group:

It was discovered that 0.5% of grown-up people above the age of 18 years had made at least one suicide attempt. And grown-up females were 1.5x times more suicidal.

Important contributing factors:

The study of such people who had Suicidal tendency shows that they had various contributing factors such as poor health conditions, social risks, stressful life events, access to lethal means, depression, alcohol and drug abuse, Etc. 

In the next section, let’s find out a solution for How Many Suicides This Year. Such factors resulted in hopelessness and promoted highly impulsive feelings of self-harm and suicidal behaviours. 


It was found that ninety percent of people attempting Suicide had some mental health issues and needed medical attention. Regular exercise, meditation, yoga and psychotherapy were found highly helpful during pre-suicidal and post-suicidal attempts. Nevertheless, medication, counselling and doctor’s consultation are a must. A suicidal subject can get help by calling The Worldwide Suicide Prevention Helpline Numbers

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