Slapchris Com High Score {April 2022) Game Score Info!

The article gives insight on Slapchris Com High Score, mentions the game’s rules, and guides the players on how the game is played and the scores are measured.

Are you aware of the latest meme shared on social media? If not, we will give you the full details of the news in this article. On the night of the Oscars, Chris Rock got slapped by Will Smith in just a few seconds, and people Worldwide can still not believe that Smith did so. 

The slap became so famous that Tyler created a new website for the users to slap Chris Rock on the website itself and then measure the speed of the slap and get the Slapchris Com High Score.

Why is the news trending?

Slap Chris Rock refers to the online game launched after the incident. Tyler Hamilton launches the game. The game users can slap Chris Rock as fast as possible, and the game measures the speed of the slap in either kmph or mph. 

The game’s interface has Chris Rock’s face and a big palm to slap him right on his left cheek. To make a tight slap, the users have to drag the hand as far as possible. A corresponding sound is attached with the slap in Slap Chris Rock Game , and the players get a Slapcris score that can be shared on social media websites.

Details of the incident

Chris Rock is a fifty-seven years old American actor and a stand-up comedian. On Sunday night at the Oscars, Smith slapped Chris Rock on his face, putting everyone in great shock. Chris Rock made fun of Jada Pinkett Smith for her baldness and commented that it was too early for G.I. Jane. The comment did not go well with the actor, and he gave a tight slap on the face of Rock.

People’s views on How Fast Can You Slap Chris Rock.

The game, which is a result of the meme, is enjoyed by people Worldwide, and they are sharing their scores on social media. The game has received colossal traction, and people are seen enjoying the game. The game is meant only as a joke and not taken personally. The incident is not appreciable, and Will Smith has expressed his apologies for the same to the Academy. People are seen giving the game a try at least once. Social media is flooded with the game scores with comments, and people continuously share the recent Slapchris Com High ScoreThe game can be played online under the same name in the URL.

The one who is interested in knowing about the game’s details can read Slap Chris details here and can play the game.

Final Ending

Chris Rock is one of the most famous American actors, writers, producers. The incident was very disheartening, and Will Smith apologized for his behavior. The game is gaining massive attention from the people, and they seem to enjoy it. Have you played the slap game yet? What are your views on Slapchris Com High ScoreComment below your opinions.

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