What Happened To Wordle Unlimited {April} Know Issues!

This article will tell you about What Happened To Wordle Unlimited. The technical issues in the worldle unlimited game and its solution.

Wordle unlimited players are facing problems in playing the game. The players are redirected to the other page whenever the game is opened. Are you one of those players who are facing such problems? If yes, then this article will solve all your problems. Players from countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia are stressed over this problem.

In this article, we will discuss What Happened To Wordle Unlimited.

Wordle unlimited technical issue

Wordle unlimited is one of the most loved versions of Wordle games. However, players have been facing problems in playing the Worldle Unlimited for a few days. In March 2022, the games were gifted to the New York Times; there was data tracking of unauthorised accounts.

To prevent the problem of copyright, the basic version of the game was harmed. After this, an announcement was made on the Twitter account that the game had been suspended due to technical issues. The system will redirect to a new and different version of the game. In the new version, there are new features with some limitations.

Why Did Wordle Unlimited Change?

Several accounts in the game were suspected to have infringed the copyright of the game. Therefore, in the beginning, when the game was introduced, it was required to own an additional half of possession of the game.

Wordle unlimited had millions of players, and people worldwide were massive fans of this game. In wordle game, players can play once a day, but in Wordle, unlimited players can play as much as they want. This was the main reason people preferred the unlimited version of the game. Therefore, in March 2022, the game’s original version was shut down.

Is Wordle Unlimited Gone?

The players are worried about the unlimited. The game is shut down and redirected to another version of the game. Players are worried about the rewards they have collected in the game. These rewards players have collected a unique meaning for them as they have applied their minds and intelligence in the game to collect the reward.


Players need not worry as they can play the clone version of the game, which is similar to Wordle unlimited. However, there are some new features, limitations, and exceptions in the game. For example, as per What Happened To Wordle Unlimited, in the wordly puzzle, the new Worldle Unlimited version also grants rewards. Moreover, players will get the old crossword with the current assets and rewards.


The game was shut down, and players were tense about the sudden change in the game. However, players can now play the new version of the wordle unlimited game, similar to that. We have discussed all the reasons behind the change in the game and the solution. Visit this link to know more about the new puzzle wordplay game.

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