Quordle Answer April 2 2022: Read Details!

In this article, we talk about the Quordle Answer April 2 2022. Every hint and answer is available in this article.

Do you know about all types of Wordle games? For example, people use various types of Wordle to play Quordle, a new variant of such Wordle. 

In countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and many more, Quordle is loved by people. They love playing this game because it is a challenging variant of Wordle. People are also looking for the Quordle Answer April 2 2022. We will help you find the correct answer for your Quordle quiz. 

What is the answers for 2nd April Quordle?

For the latest quiz and the hints, the answer for the 2nd April Quordle is.

  • Thorn 
  • Annoy 
  • Puffy 
  • Jazzy

Hope you have written the same answer as we provided in this article. Hope these answers might be helpful for you to complete your today’s puzzle. You could have also got hints in the game only if you are incorrect at someplace the box in the Quordle might have turned grey or yellow. If you guess the word correctly, it should be green in colour.

Clues for Quordle Answer April 2 2022.

  • Clue1: the first word will begin with the letter T, and the second will begin with the alphabet A. The third word will start with P, and the fourth is J.
  • Clue2: ending word is N; Y; Y; Y, respectively.
  • Clue3: the first word is a sharp and pointed projection available on the stem of a plant.
  • Clue4: the second world is that makes anyone a little angry or annoyed
  • Clue5: the third word is something soft, round and light
  • Clue6: the fourth word is something bright and colourful that looks good.

About Quordle 

Quordle Answer April 2 2022, is given in the upper passage. Over here, we’re going to talk about what the Quordle game is. Quordle is another version of wordle, which was created on 29th January 2022 by Guilherme S. Töws. He got his idea of creating such a game, Quordle, by playing Dordle with his friends. 

You have to guess the five-letter word in only 9 chances in this game. If you fail to do so, we won’t be getting any reward and points for the particular day’s game. Therefore Quordle Answer April 2 2022, is discussed in this article above.


For the Quordle 2022, the answers are given in this article. Of these answers match with your answer. Let us know the score in the comment section below. We hope you like playing this game because it increases the difficulty from the level of Wordle. This game is free to play, and you can also donate to this game.

Also, write your feedback and regards regarding this game and its development. Quordle Answer April 2 2022 is also given in this article. 

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