Demon Slayer Moon Rise Wiki {Feb} Know The Game Here!

The Demon Slayer Moon Rise Wiki is exciting and supports adventure and thrill. Get the wholesome details to play this game in this article.

Do you know anything about Demon Slayer Moon Rise? 

This game is pretty cool and will let you have all the fantastic experiences of killing, eating, and collecting sticks for getting money. 

What is the zeal of a game? Playing a video game can be one of the most accessible and affordable ways to release stress and feel happier Worldwide.  

Get to know every little detail about Demon Slayer Moon Rise Wiki by reading the entire article below.

All about the Demon Slayer Moon Rise

Users can note some essential details about the game, which includes this source of the launch of the game, 

  • The Tempest media and the game.
  • It belongs to the adventure genre. 
  • There are about 594 active users who have found this game very useful and exciting for themselves.
  • The latest version of this game that can be updated and played today is 1.1 alpha. 
  • It was created recently on January 20th, 2022.
  • According to the comments and research, we have noticed the Demon Slayer Moon Rise Wiki has one of the favorite games of 5000 plus gamers 
  • It has more than 200K visitors; who had added their release date over the Roblox.

Is the game legit?

Observing the comments and research details, users and players have marked this game as one of the most adventurous and fun games.

Clans in the game.

Clans are the type of event that is available on many games. Particularly, this game has five clans which are significant in the entire game. Though there is a relevant clan available here, it is yet to be released. 

An example of the clan, the kamado is one of the Open groups.

Quests in the Demon Slayer Moon Rise Wiki

If we talk about the quests in the game, there are four quests available. Out of which two are about collecting sticks. So the only way to get money out of the game starting is by completing the quests.

Other mechanics

Another mechanic in the game is eating, where sellers in two towns of the game sell Ramen. But while eating, you will breathe faster, get your stamina up fast, and heal faster. To make money here, you need to kill demons or demon slayers.

Breathing patterns

There are four sorts of breathing in Demon Slayer Moon Rise Wiki. It includes wind breathing, thunder breathing, water breathing, flame breathing. 

Once you get trained, you will get ultimate powers such as cutting rocks by being trained with push-ups in the water breathing. 

You can get faster and stronger eventually by killing demons and demon slayers.


This game is pretty cool and will let you have all the fantastic experiences of killing, eating, and collecting sticks for getting money. This game is exciting and supports adventure and thrill.

There are many things that the gamer can explore in Demon Slayer Moon Rise Wiki, including the latest codes for the game and various resources that support the robust code. 

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