Planning a Wedding Inexpensively: Is it Possible?

Planning a Wedding Inexpensively: Being savvy about money is not easy when you are planning a wedding. A wedding is often thought of as something that is supposed to be huge. But it does not have to be so. Especially with the pandemic, people are having thoughts about choosing to have weddings in a big way.

Whether it is that or you just trying to plan a wedding inexpensively, here are some tips to make that happen.

Choose Lab-grown Diamond Wedding Rings

Saving at least 20-40% of the costs of the wedding ring with lab-grown diamond wedding rings can be wonderful. They look and feel the same, the only difference is their origin. While lab-grown diamonds are made in labs, natural diamonds are naturally mined.

Be Flexible with the Date

Something as simple as being flexible with your wedding date can actually save you money. If you plan your wedding on a popular date, chances are that you will be spending more money. Instead, be wise and have your wedding on Sunday or Friday. These are the days of the week when there is less demand and hence prices will be lower for venues.

Choosing to have your wedding during the winter can also help you save on costs.

Have a Limit to Number of Guests

This is super-important because the more the number of guests, the higher the costs will be. Instead, limit the number of guests you are going to invite and keep a limit on the plus-ones.

Having too many guests is quickly going to add up on food and size of venue costs. You can also decide to do an adults-only wedding to keep costs low.

Have you Heard of a Micro Wedding?

That’s right. The pandemic forced a lot of people to start doing things their way and micro weddings became the trend. This way only about 10 guests were invited. You can still do a micro wedding if you want to keep your costs really low. It is fun, intimate, and will put a lot less pressure on you.

Catering costs for such a small wedding will be so much less than a wedding that is of average size. You can even serve the best of foods available to your guests and still save money.

Ceremony and Reception

Another great idea to cut wedding costs is to decide to do the wedding ceremony and the reception at the same venue. This can mean you getting a discount as well as saving on transportation costs for the guests.


A smart way you can save a lot of money is by doing DIY. Let your friends and family know that you would love them to do some DIY for your wedding. Whether it is the decor, the cake topper, the cake itself, or flowers, doing it yourself is wonderful. Although, some wedding decors that are needed in large quantities like chair covers are best left to be purchased wholesale from online specialty stores.

Planning a wedding inexpensively is not difficult if you put your mind to it. In fact, it can be a fun way to go about it.

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