Anime World Tower Defense Wiki {July} Find Updated Codes

Anime World Tower Defense Wiki, a Roblox game developed by Lazy Cat Studio, has been updated today, and players ask for its code, discord and more.

Do you play anime games? Roblox is one of the platforms where different developers release anime-based games now often. Rewards, upgrades, and tower defence strategies make this game highly demandable among Thailand, Brazil, and the United States players.

This post will discuss this game’s latest code, tier list, Trello and more in Anime World Tower Defense Wiki. We are sure that you do not want to miss this guide if you are a massive fan of this game and in need of codes!

Wiki- Anime World Tower Defense game:

Created by Lazy Cat studio, the game was released a year ago, and the recent updates let the user earn more coins to level up and have new towers. It has gained immense popularity, and the game has had 3.6 million visits at the time of writing. The discord link for this game is

Latest Codes in Anime World Tower Defense:

No game is complete without having cheat codes. These codes are helpful to players in many ways. Let us see here some of the latest code that you can use at the beginning of this month to get the benefits:

  • SryForALotOfShutdown: using this code, you can redeem 50,000 coins straight.
  • GameRelease: Use the code as it is for getting 20,000 coins.
  • SryF0rShutD0wn: puzzle pieces are on the way if you paste this code.
  • 10KLikes: The brand-new code for availing 50k gold and 25 puzzle pieces.
  • Noclypso: Puzzle piece 25 in numbers 
  • 1Mvisit: 50k gold and 25 puzzle pieces after entering this code.

Anime World Tower Defense Tier List:

The tier list is something that you should keep checking; here are some of the recent lists:

S Tier

Charuto, Manala, Cotaro, DragonEye, RedHair, Barust, Red Archer, CapsuleGirl

 A Tier

Jonos, Kongkun, DarkHollow, Todororo, SoulPanther, Veshita[Majin]

 B Tier

PinkHairBoy, HunterKid, Veshita, Silent, Shizuku, Karoly, Pane, Charuto[Sage], Arter, Koolin, Takashi, Kongkun, Killer

 C Tier

Vuno, Kasuke[Akatsuki], Ruffy[TS], Salo[TS], Misuko, BeastMask, Tobara, Blossom, Hoku, PsychicBoy, Kongkun, VirtualSwordman, VirtualSwordman[Gun],

 D Tier

BlackLeg, Salo, Almon, Charuto, Kasuke, Koji, Veshita, Uchigo, Ruffy, OneEyeMonster


Purgatory, Unlimited, Konghan[SSJ], Kasuke, Hoku[100%], Sanjiro

Trello for more codes

The more code you have, the more benefits players have. Anime World Tower Defense Trello allows you to build links, manage and collaborate with other game developers.

We do not have a Trello link but are working to avail you as soon as possible. 

Also, read the post on Roblox Generators.


Anime World Tower Defense game has the latest updates, and players are eager to know the latest codes they can use in the updates. If you wish to play the game any time, you can visit the link to play the Anime World Tower Defense game here. Moreover, we are hopeful that you like the information provided here.

Have you used any codes before for this game? If yes, tell us and also write if you liked post- Anime World Tower Defense Wiki.

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