Trimming Hedge Accident- Watch on Twitter Today, News in Ottawa!

This write-up on Trimming Hedge Accident shares information about an incident severely experienced by a teenage contractor. 

Did the teenager kill due to the hydro line? Where was the Hydro line hidden? Was the boy trimming a hedge? All these questions were asked by online surfers from Canada and other global places when a teenager was trimming a hedge.

During hedge trimming, a boy in his twenties recently died in Manotick while hit by a hydro line. So, let us find out more about this shocking Trimming Hedge Accident in this post.



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What happened in a hedge-trimming incident?

According to Ottawa paramedics, an individual who had been electrocuted and experienced heart failure was brought to a roadway in the south Ottawa neighborhood called Long Island shortly after 2:30 p.m. on Friday, May 5, 2023.

The boy was transported to a medical facility in an emergency and ultimately passed away from his wounds. 

He was an Ottawa contractor who perished when doing the hedge-trimming job, prompting an investigation by Ontario’s labor ministry. However, Nick’s funeral details were not revealed.

How Is Trimming Hedge incident announced by Labor Ministry? 

The death of a worker for hedge cutting business Best Green Hedges was reported to the Labor Ministry, Immigration, Training, and Skills Development on May 6, 2023. The Ministry reported that an engineer and inspector were dispatched to the location, giving the business four directives.

The criteria, which the Ministry of Labor failed to specify, are generally given to a business if any inspector needs to collect details, including having handover records or maintaining other personnel out of the region. The Labor Ministry withheld Nick’s identity and other pertinent information on the incident. Yet a relative’s GoFundMe account stated he had been electrocuted.

Hydro Ottawa stated in a press release that it was informed of the occurrence on Friday, May 5, 2023. They could not say anything since it wasn’t associated with its personnel or contractors.

Additional information on the incident:

The GoFundMe Site collecting funds for Chenier’s brother and mother was posted by Mark Sutcliffe, Ottawa’s mayor, on social networking site on Monday, May 7, 2023. The GoFundMe website stated, “Unfortunately, Nick got electrocuted after he struck a high-voltage hydro line hidden inside the hedge. On Monday, May 8, 2023 afternoon, the GoFundMe exceeded its forty thousand dollars target.

About Best Green Hedges:

According to the business’s web page News, Best Green Hedges trims cedars at sites throughout the Ottawa area. North Gower is where the business is based.

The privately held seasonal company Best Green Hedges, which performs cedar hedge pruning, removal, and plantation in Ottawa, has been operating since 2011.

The business owner declared in his statement on Monday, May 7, 2023, that Nick had died in a tragic incident. Even after their best attempts, emergency personnel and the Queensway Carleton Hospital’s emergency room could not revive Chenier.

Trimming Hedge Accident  Obituary: 

As a close-knit group, Sheldon Best Green stated that Chenier felt like family to everyone. They don’t believe there are ways to express the complete sorrow of burying him. They added that Nick perpetually had a smiling face and was considered to be among the happiest and hardest-working men they had ever encountered.

Everybody agrees that the best aspect of the day’s events was having time together with Chenier; Nick will be remembered. Nick Chenier died in a horrible industrial incident on Friday, May 5, 2023, and when he learned of his passing, Sutcliffe stated on Twitter Today that he was saddened and grieved.

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Nick Chenier, 20 years old, was murdered when clipping a plant in Manotick when he struck an electrical line concealed amid the leaves. He was a contractor in the hedge trimming company. Labor Ministry mentioned that residents must be aware of the location and the voltage of the electrical lines surrounding their homes and maintain a distance between three and six meters from these lines. 

Did you hear about the hedge-trimming incident? Share how to be more careful about the hydro lines.

Trimming Hedge Accident: FAQs

Q1. Who suffered a hedge-trimming incident?

Nick Chenier

Q2. How old was Nick Chenier?

Twenty years

Q3. What was the reason for Nick Chenier’s accident?

Nick accidentally cut the hydro line hidden in the bushes.

Q4. What was Nick’s company name?

Best Green Hedges,

Q5. When was Nick’s company founded?


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