Rogers Tim Wife- Fellas, Death, Passed Away, What Happened to Tim Rogers Wife?

This article provides information on the facts related to Rogers Tim Wife and tells the readers about Tim Roger’s wife and her demise.

Are you looking for information about the death of Tim Roger’s wife? Recently, news got viral on the internet about the demise of the wife of a famous Gospel singer and pastor. Readers in the United States and other countries want to know everything about Tim’s wife. 

If you are looking for the facts related to Rogers Tim Wife and the reason behind her death, check out the article until the end.


Who is Tim Roger’s wife?

Tim Roger’s wife’s name was Shireta Rogers. She passed away recently, and since then, everyone has started looking for information about her in detail. Tim Roger is a known personality for readers in the United States, but the news of his wife’s demise surprised everyone. 

What Happened to Tim Rogers Wife

The reason behind Tim Roger’s wife’s death is not clear. The family member didn’t reveal the reason for Shireta’s death to anyone. Many users are searching the internet to find out the cause of Shireta’s death, but unfortunately, there isn’t any information available. 

However, Shireta’s obituary is available online, which her husband and family members do. Everyone mentioned their feelings about her demise in the obituary, especially Tim Rogers. 

Who is Tim Rogers?

Tim Rogers is a pastor and gospel singer who established a group name Tim Rogers and the Fellas. Shireta was the lead singer in the group and played four records that got viral on the internet. 

Here’s some more information about Tim Rogers in brief.

Full name-

Tim Rogers
Address- Blytheville, Arkansas
Occupation- Gospel singer and pastor
Father’s name- Bishop TJ Rogers
Wife’s name- Shireta Rogers
Children name-

not mentioned

Not much information on the internet about Tim Rogers and his wife is present. Once we get the related information, we will update the article for our readers. 

The aftermath of Shireta Roger’s death

After Shireta Roger’s Death, everyone close to the family is shocked, and no one believes the news. Shireta’s death was unexpected, and no information came out regarding the cause. Tim Rogers has many active followers on the social media platforms.

On his Instagram, people commented on the post of his wife’s demise and showed support. People who follow the Fellas group know the relationship between Shireta and Tim. 

Is there any other Tim Roger?

People often get confused regarding the search for Tim Roger’s wife’s death. There’s any Tim Rogers whose ex-wife Passed Away named Rocio Garcia Rodriguez. Tim is a musical legend, and so was his wife in the 1990s, as they played many songs together. 

When the users search for information on Tim Roger’s wife, then they get the information of musical legend Tim’s wife. However, pastor Tim Roger’s wife has died, and the family members are preparing for her funeral. 

What is the date of Shireta’s funeral?

At present, no date has been confirmed by the family members. In the obituary, which is present on the internet, it is seen that the family wasn’t ready for Rogers Tim Wife death and needed time to process things.

The close ones support the family, and many others express their grief on social media platforms through posts and stories. 

Social media links-

Final Words 

The demise of Tim Roger’s wife is unexpected news, and the family is trying to cope with the situation. Click here for more information. 

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Rogers Tim Wife– FAQs

Q1. What is Tim Roger’s profession?

A: He’s a pastor and Gospel Singer.

Q2. What is the name of Tim Roger’s group?

A: Tim Rogers’s musical group name is Tim Rogers & the Fellas. 

Q3. When did Shirleta die?

A: The exact date of her death is not mentioned anywhere.

Q4. What is the name of Tim Roger’s musical group albums?

A: The group released a few albums in which Shireta Rogers was the lead singer. The album names are Change (2009), Real (2012), and Churching, a solo album.

Q5. Is Tim Rogers active on social media?

A: Yes, Tim Rogers got Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Q6. Is Rogers Tim Wife obituary available on the internet?

A: Yes, the obituary of Shireta Rogers is available online.

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