What Are the Best Types of Benches for a Class Setting?

School administrators who buy school furniture for high schools, primary schools, and universities are responsible for providing a conducive learning environment for the students, sometimes with limited resources and a small budget. Students spend a lot of time sitting on school furniture learning, reading, and writing. Therefore, school administrators need to purchase furniture, which is high-quality, ergonomic, and durable to enable the students to learn comfortably in classrooms.

One important piece of school furniture is benches, and they can be created using metal, plastic or wood, or a combination of unconventional materials. Each material is different in terms of ergonomics, aesthetics, weight, and durability. There are many great bench seating options to choose from Worthington Direct that meets the standards of your school and your students.

Wooden chairs

Wooden chairs can be made from distinct types of wood like cedar, pine, Dagwood, and eucalyptus. These wooden chairs are not only ergonomic but also durable. In terms of the chair’s color, you can improve the wood’s natural characteristics by using a stain that either matches the wood’s color or is darker or lighter, depending on your school’s preferences.

However, if you want your classroom to be vibrant and colorful, you can opt to paint the chairs canary yellow, lime green, or chili pepper red. These chairs are comfortable and can be a great statement piece for the classroom.

Metal chairs

Metal chairs are durable and strong, and they can also keep the paint intact for a long time. In addition, metal chairs usually have a weather-resistant finish. You can paint the metal chairs navy blue, green, or purple, depending on how vibrant you want your classroom to be. These types of chairs are a classic in most classrooms. They are comfortable but some students might not enjoy sitting in them for too long. It’s best to have some pillows nearby to give students some comfort.

Aluminum chairs

Aluminum chairs are rot-resistant, easy to transport, and very lightweight. Furthermore, they are fade resistant. You can purchase aluminum chairs in the natural silver color, or you can paint them to resemble wood. These types of chairs have a nice regal look to them. Making them a fancy piece for your classrooms. They are durable and can handle even the rowdiest of students. This means they are a great investment if you constantly have students moving around your classroom.

Plastic chairs

Plastic chairs can be made using recycled plastic, which helps in conserving the environment. Plastic chairs are easy to maintain and are resistant to rotting. You can choose to paint those colors such as black, white, cedar, red, or blue. Furthermore, you can add a contrasting color such as black or green to the frame to achieve a contemporary look. These are great chairs and are easy to find at most stores.

Categories of chairs based on their features.

Chairs with backrest

Chairs that have a backrest can offer back support to the students, so they can sit with their spines upright and erect. This enables the students to maintain a good posture so they can fully concentrate on the lessons. It’s important to invest in chairs that pander to your student’s comfort, so they are focused and ready to learn. Moreover, there are chairs that have storage spaces for books, bags, and school supplies. These types of chairs make it easy to run a classroom without too many complaints.

Multi-student chairs

Chairs can be categorized based on how many students they can accommodate at a given time. For instance, some chairs can accommodate only two students, only three students, or only four students at a time. These are great for when you want to implement group settings into your teaching. It helps the students to interact with other students that they may not have seen in their class yet. Making learning fun and an ample amount of entertainment. 


Students spend most of their time in school seating in classrooms. Therefore, it is important to purchase ergonomic chairs and those that have additional features like backrests and storage spaces for books and bags. When the students are comfortable in classrooms, they can concentrate more on lessons and achieve better grades. Plus, there are so many variety of chairs to choose from. Making it easy to find chairs that match the vibe and style of your classroom.

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