Jfk Construction Accident: What Happened At JFK Airport Construction Site? Explore Full Incident Details

This article provides JFK Construction Accident  investigation detail and more about the accident.

What happened at the JFK construction site? Do the workers die at the JFK construction site? The Authority of the John F. Kennedy International Airport of New York and New Jersey, located in the United States, notified and confirmed the death of two workers. When did the construction Accident happen? Read more about JFK Construction Accident, in this article for detailed information about the construction incident.

JFK Construction site Accident

On 3rd April Monday, April 2023, two construction workers died in a construction site accident. The workers died at John F. Kennedy International Airport during the construction time. The workers were involved in their work in a 30-foot trench. During the work, they both were trapped. 

At the time of their work, the concrete slab fell on top of the workers. The incident happened around 11:10 a.m. The unexpected trap during construction killed innocent workers.

JFK Airport Construction Accident

Two construction site workers died after fetching trapped at JFK International Airport. The site workers became stuck around 11:10 a.m. During the accident, the workers worked in an energy plant. In that energy plant of JFK, they moved utility lines near the airport for its renovation project. 

After the incident, the authority ordered to stop the JFK construction project work. The port authority investigated the spot to know the cause of the worker’s death. And the New Jersey and New York port authorities confirmed the worker’s death after an investigation.

JFK Airport Accident Today

John F. Kennedy International Airport construction accident killed the two workers’ life. This unexpected accident causes worries among co-workers and people. 

The FDNY said the accident happened at the JFK international airport’s 49th building. It happened on the airport ground 49th building before 11:10 a.m. The JFK airport site construction accident happened today while workers were moving the utility lines. The content present in the article is taken from online sources.

How did the incident happen?

The port authority of New York and New Jersey stated that JFK Construction Accident happened while moving the utility lines. The site workers were moving the utility outlines for the electric system upgrades. In the reconstruction project work, the accident happened at the port.

A representative for the airport Authority, which supervises the airport construction work clarified the incident. The workers were trapped in the 30-foot trench while moving the utility outline. During that time, the concrete slab fell on the top of the workers at the 49th building of the airport ground. The work stopped immediately after the accident.

Who are the workers?

More workers were involved in the site work during the JFK Construction AccidentThe officers have not released the worker’s identity to the media immediately. The officers have to inform the worker’s family to identify them. The reason for the sudden collapse was unknown.

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The John F. Kennedy International Airport construction site project has stopped temporarily because of the site worker’s death during the work. Watch the JFK Airport Accident details in this YouTube link.

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JFK Construction Accident: FAQ

Q1. Where the construction site accident happened?

At John F. Kennedy International Airport, reconstruction site project work.

Q2. What happened at JFK International Airport?

Two workers died at the time of work.

Q3. When the incident happened?

On 3rd April 2023, around 11:10 a.m.

Q4. Is the flight fly stopped? 


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