5 Editing Techniques You Can Use to Make Better Travel Videos


If you are doing the job of making travel videos, then trust me, it is the most fun job. It does not only let you explore the chilly and best areas in the world but also enables you to share the travel experience with your followers. 

The fun things sometimes come up with the back-breaking thing to do. Shooting the travel video is not difficult; the most uncomplicated part is editing it well. Editing can make your video look great and can have a massive impact on the approachability of the video.

It may sound time-consuming and tedious work if you do not plan it from the start of the video-making process. To make your work easy, plenty of video editor tools are available on the market. They come up with a cosmic variety of features that you can use to select the best one that works for you. In addition to that, we have collated a few best editing techniques that will make your travel video unique. Try following them when you make your next travel video.

Top Editing Techniques to make Best Travel Videos

Below are the best editing techniques that you can implement in your travel videos to make the best:

  • Ensure Seamless Transitions

Make sure to make transitions look more fluid and seamless as part of the editing process. You have to be cautious to make the change look natural. For instance, if you are using two clips simultaneously, out of which one has camera movement while the other one does not. Using such clips together will never look great. Try it yourself to see the difference. To make such a situation work for you, crop the snapshot and try adding position keyframes, make the handheld camera shake, or try adding motion blur. It is the most time-consuming part of video making. Many travel videos look like they contain many random clips clubbed together without any storyline. Hence you have to spend some extra time deciding how to connect the shots to make a video that stands out from the rest of the travel videos.

  • Enhance Your Visuals with Sound Effects

The audio and the video are always interlinked and interdependent. Therefore, adding sound effects or using audio recording through your camera is always advised. It will stylise and strengthen your video. If you are wondering how to do it, read on. Try a few of these examples to add sound effects. You can add the audio recording of two persons talking about their passion for racing cars despite adding the video part of them using the racing car. If your clip contains grey clouds, add the trickling sound of rain and then suddenly show the downpour. If the person is walking in snow and you cannot add sound to that, try using stomp on cornstarch to add effects.

  • Use Best Video Editing Tool

Using the right video editor to make a great travel video is vital. You can choose any tools for free to pay as per your choice. The right software can make the video editing process fast, efficient, and superior. First, filter out the clips you want to keep and discard the rest. Take your time while selecting the right clips and making them reference the story you are trying to convey through your videos. You can trim the unnecessary part using a video trimmer. In addition to that, you can add graphics and text and adjust lighting and brightness to make the video look more attractive

  • Establish Point of Interest

You should know what your audience is looking for, and you should compose shots accordingly to develop a clear point of interest. It will let you create high-energy and great travel videos. Editing should be in your mind from the initial stage of video making, as it will allow you to take the right shots while shooting. The point of interest should be easy to locate for the audience. So try to keep it in the same part or frame in different clips. For example, if the key element is in the right part of the frame, try to keep it in the same place in the next shot. You won’t want your audience to look for it after every shot.

  • Make a Difference with an Awesome Music

Using the right music is necessary as it can either make a video or break it. Even if you have created a masterpiece, choosing cheesy music will turn the audience off. Music can play a crucial role in capturing your audience’s attention and maintaining it throughout. It should be the first part of your video editing process. The question is what kind of music you should use for your video. Opt for the one that can drive the story you want to convey. Choose it such that its tempo complements the mood on the screen. In addition to that, try using instrumentals as vocals can distract your audience. It is not difficult to find the right music. You can find it easily over the internet. Various websites allow you to search and download music. Moreover, you can choose the music from the video editor tool. Such software contains a massive list of music and playlists to choose from.


Overall, travel video is becoming quite a popular video content these days. A large group of people gets engaged with these videos as they get to see the places before actually visiting. Creating travel videos is a difficult task, whether it is the selection of location or video editing. That is why you should use some special techniques to ease the editing of travel videos. We have discussed some top techniques that you can implement to edit your travel videos. Using these techniques, you can speed up the editing part of your travel video-making process.

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