The Dexter Killer Mark Twitchell 2022 {April} What Plan!

This article describes a murderer and the inspiration he took to execute the crime from a TV series.  Read about The Dexter Killer Mark Twitchell 2022.

Are you eager to know about a murderer who committed first-degree murder inspired by a famous American series?  Let’s understand more relevant information about this recently trending news that connects the murderer with the television series.

People from the United States are shocked and terrified by the news as the convict replicated significant portions of the popular series while conducting the cold-blooded crime. 

Keep reading till the end to get a complete picture of the topic mentioned about The Dexter Killer Mark Twitchell 2022.

About Mark Twitchell and Dexter

Mark Twitchell is a Canadian filmmaker born on 4th July 1979 in Edmonton, Alberta.  Twitchell is currently serving his jail sentence at Saskatchewan Federal Penitentiary for the murder of John Brian Altinger.

The crime scenes and the method of executing the crime indicated that Mark Twitchell imitated Dexter Morgan’s character from Dexter (TV series). His recent handwritten letters to journalist Mark Twitchell got viral.

He got charged with the First-degree murder of John Altinger, and on 12th April 2011, he got sentenced to life imprisonment for 25 years without parole.

The Dexter Killer Mark Twitchell 2022

  • Mark Twitchell made it to the news and became trending on online platforms after the investigation officers found that he got inspired by the Dexter series.
  • John Brian Altinger, the victim, got lured by the fake profile of a woman created by Twitchell.
  • John Altinger went missing on 10th October 2008, as per the information from his friends and colleagues.
  • Mark Twitchell kept sending various emails to his friends and company officials to avoid getting reported to the police about Altinger.

Mark Twitchell’s Planning And Execution 

  • To convince John Altinger, The Dexter Killer Mark Twitchell 2022 created a fake profile on a popular Canadian dating platform ‘Plenty of Fish’.
  • He created a kill room to conduct his crime, similar to what the series character Dexter does to his victims.
  • Mark Twitchell wore a hockey mask and attacked John Altinger at the garage.
  • Twitchell converted the garage to a kill room with plastic sheets covering the windows, cleaning supplies, and blood spatter.

Why Is It Trending Now?

  • While serving his sentence in jail, Mark Twitchell wrote letters to Steve Lillibuen, a Canadian journalist and author. Learn on The Dexter Killer Mark Twitchell 2022.
  • The letters to Lillibuen became viral and trending on online platforms recently.
  • Mark Twitchell shared his inner thoughts with Lillibuen.  In addition to that, Lillibuenreceived up to 35 letters to date, consisting of about 350 pages.
  • Apart from that, Lillibuen received 10 pages of answers from Twitchell for each question.


Mark Andrew Twitchell, infamously known as the ‘Dexter killer’, provided enough crime evidence that proved that he got inspired by the Dexter series crime scenes.  To know in-depth about this topic, please check here.  

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