Accident Invercargill (April 2022) Read About The Fact!

The guide shares details about the Accident Invercargill to update the readers about the horrifying collision. 

Are you aware of the life-threatening road collision that took multiple lives? The news is of a road collision near Queens Park between two vehicles, and four people lost their lives in the collision.

The weekend started with a said road collision that took the lives of multiple people. The accident occurred around 4 PM on Friday, and the road was closed for the night. The exact number of victims is not revealed yet. An investigation is going on to find the cause of the accident. 

The Accident Invercargill case is making news across New Zealand.

About the Invercargill Accident!

A road collision occurred close to the entrance of Queen’s Dr. The accident took the lives of multiple victims, some of which are teenagers. Police Inspector Stuart Harvey has investigated the case.

After investigation, some eyewitnesses said that a heavy truck collided with a four-wheel-drive vehicle. The accident occurred on Queen’s Drive, New Zealand, where the speed limit is set at 50KMPH. 

According to the latest report, four people involved in the accident were pronounced dead, while others suffered physical injuries.

All emergency services and officials reached the spot to investigate the Accident Queens Drive Invercargill case.

Advisory for Locales!

The local police published an advisory for all locales after the accident. All commuters have to follow the advisory. 

  • The road between St King and St Andrew was closed overnight
  • Police urged all commuters to stay alert while driving on the road
  • Police will closely monitor the speed limit in the speed zones to prevent accidents 
  • People who have information to share must call 105 and refer to the Event No-P050332364   

These were some of the advisories published for the daily commuters of Queens Drive. 

Casualties After Accident Queens Drive Invercargill!

In the early reports on Friday evening, multiple people involved in the road collision lost their lives. As per the reports, four teenagers lost their lives, of which three teenagers were from the Bluff region. 

The chairperson Bluff Community Board confirmed that the three Bluff teenagers involved in the road accident were pronounced dead. He urged the locales to support the family of the deceased. The South Area Commander, Mike Brown, also stated the media about the accident and said that Accident Invercargill was a horrifying road collision that took the lives of multiple victims.     

How to Share Details with Police About the Incident?

Soon after the incident, the local police started investigating the case. The Police have published an advisory for the commuters of Queens Drive and urged all eyewitnesses to share updated information about the incident. 

Eyewitnesses who want to share any crucial information with the police may call 105 and share the aforementioned event number. People may also share the information anonymously with police via Crime Stoppers by calling their number 0800555111.     


Accident Invercargill was a horrifying incident that took the lives of multiple people, including teenagers from the Bluff region.    

The eyewitnesses confirmed that the accident occurred around 4 PM on Friday eve. Four victims died on the spot, while others suffered physical injuries and were rushed to the nearest hospital. 

The cause of the accident is unknown, and police are still investigating the case. Do you have anything to share about the Invercargill Accident? Please share it in the comment section.

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